Boris RED - 5.1.5

Tags: Media 100 , RED , Soundbite

Adobe CS6 support is added in this release

The following bugs have been fixed since the prior release of Boris RED (April 19th, 2012).

"26280","woody - red / avid fx - mac only - bitmap images needed for transitions are missing from library"

"27363", "Boris FX - Woody - Mac only - Premiere CS5/5.5- Boris FX plugin - Project settings: When double-clicking to select a library browser preset, the host project settings will get override by the library browser preset"

"26762","Merged the fix for SPR 26762 to Vindaloo- BCC8 - AE CS6 Only - 3D Objects filters render black, low rez, or not at all unless antialiasing is reduced to Good or Draft Mode (may be card dependent)."

"27304","Window title & proxy icon now update properly."


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