Boris RED - 5.1.3

Tags: Media 100, RED, Soundbite

Below is a list of RED bug fixes for this release.

"SPR 25385","MacIntel 64bit - RED - As soon as the a tablet is used in paint that causes the mouse to not work"

"SPR 25386","MacIntel 64bit - RED - When using a tablet for paint the painting indicator moves up once clicked"

"SPR 25660","Win 7 64 - RED app menu displays MC menu contents when UI is first opened"

"SPR 25908","MacIntel 64bit - OS 10.7: "Let Mouse Clicks Interrupt Rendering" preference does not work."

"SPR 25941","MacIntel 64bit - OS 10.7: Occasionally, after launching RED through Avid MC, Avid MC's menus show up instead of RED's."

"SPR 25942","MacIntel 64bit - OS 10.7: With Open GL ON, Mask track at Shape level is not seen when Composite Window is set to Draft Quality."

"SPR 26026","MacIntel 64bit - RED standalone - New composition: Creating new composition will bring back the old deleted composition"

"SPR 26111","MacIntel 64bit - OS 10.7/Win 7 64bit: On Windows system you have to click Close button twice to close/quit License Purchase/Activation window."

"SPR 26126","MacIntel 64bit - RED standalone - Command keys: The up/down arrow keys that are used for increasing and decreasing parameter value stops responding once you exceed the max"

"SPR 26158","MacIntel 64bit - OS 10.7: Keyframe Editor, Spline Editor & Motion Editor features should be removed from Window menu as they are not completely functional."

"SPR 26276","Mac- changing keyframe values from timeline doesn't work reliably."

"SPR 26277","Mac Only- Using up/down arrows to change numerical values doesn't work in timeline menus."

"SPR 26424","MacIntel - RED standalone - PTR: When trying to PTR timeline again after stopping it midway, RED will not PTR the whole timeline"

"SPR 26456","MacIntel - MC 6 plugin - Multi-processor: Multi-processor is turned off in the RED plugin version"

"SPR 26505","MacIntel - RED standalone - Paint: Paint stroke doesn't draw all the way to the end of the cursor when you make a quick stroke"

"SPR 26508","MacIntel - RED standalone - OpenGL: When OpenGL is turned on and the zoom percentage is at 200 or above, upon relaunching, RED will display all black in the comp window"

"SPR 26513","Mac - RED standalone - 3 Way Color Grade: Custom controls in 3 Way Color Grade does not work - can't make any changes to them"

"SPR 26571","MC6 x64 Mac - plugin always renders 8bit even when it should be rendering 16bit"

"SPR 26573","Win 7 64bit: Parameters disappear/re-appear in Controls Window at random when a timeline is played/stopped."

"SPR 26627","Mac - RED standalone - Undo/Redo: RED crashes when you undo while an edit field is open"

"SPR 26642","Mac - RED standalone - PTR: When PTR'ing the text jittering project, RED crashes"

"SPR 26643","Mac - RED standalone - Import: When you import a batch of media some will not be imported"

"SPR 26665","Mac - RED stanalone - PRML: Extruded Text controls does not show up in the controls window"

"SPR 26806","Mac - RED standalone - Register dialog: Missing RED picture in the register dialog"

"SPR 26809","Mac - RED standalone - Library Browser: RED crashes when generating thumbnails in the library browser"

"SPR 26818","Mac - RED standalone - Multiple Undoer: RED crashes when you go quit after undoing added comp from render queue"

"SPR 26820","Mac - RED standalone - Edit Field: Hitting Delete button to delete edit field in timeline window will crash RED"

"SPR 26824","Mac - RED standalone - Paint: The paint cursor does not track with the mouse consistently"

"SPR 26828","Mac - RED standalone - User Mark: Cannot highlight user marks in the User Mark Window"

"SPR 26836","Win 7 x64: targa Seq does not get imported as it generates an error message: "Unable to change the specified media..."."

"SPR 22533","Mac- 3D Extruded Image shatter- rescales incorrectly when switching premiere to draft mode."

"SPR 24233","Contextual control state of params is not visually as clear as it could be."

"SPR 24340","on-screen overlays controls ignore constant switch in controls window, unexpectedly creating keyframes with default interpolation when dragged"

"SPR 24439","PTR only allows half resolution PTR for 720 HD size and larger"

"SPR 24576","timeline keyframe navigation arrows do not always move to the cti to the next keyframe"

"SPR 24658","Win- Text font field does not show font selection."

"SPR 24675","MacIntel - All hosts - Workspace: When you save library browser template mode as a workspace, you cannot go back to advanced mode"

"SPR 25099","The timeline buttons to navigate previous/next keyframe does not work"

"SPR 25442","Motion Tracker: in Motion Tracker filter None is moved to the first position in the Apply To popup"

"SPR 25450","MacIntel - RED standalone - Project Settings: Entering 0 for FPS in project settings will give wrong duration even after you correct the FPS"

"SPR 26310","Mac only- colors are being inverted after apply to timeline in MC6 or with copy / paste in standalone"

"SPR 26382","MacIntel - OpenGL: Mask track does not render when RED is in draft mode with OpenGL turned on"

"SPR 26394","MacIntel - Color Ramp: When you undock the text window and change the size of the text window, selection from the color ramp will be wrong"

"SPR 26509","16 bit projects render incorrect result"

"SPR 26582","16 bit depth: Exporting 16 bit depth with fields set to "None" in the export settings will cause comp window to display garbage"

"SPR 26599","MacIntel PTR: x64 RED displays compression artifacts/noises when PTR'ing NTSC standard"

"SPR 26628","MacIntel Exporting QuickTime Image Sequence generates an "unspecified error has occurred" message & no export is done."

"SPR 26629","RED 5.1.2/RED 6.0.4 TNB - 64bit - Engine - Build 1/31/12 - Mac 10.6/10.7: Export of Targa Image Sequence does not export any files."

"SPR 26652","Red 64 Crash on 16 bit field rendering jitter project from render queue"

"SPR 26658","MacIntel - RED standalone - Color Picker: Eyedropper cursor changes to regular arrow cursor once you move it to the dock even though it is still picking color"

"SPR 26660","SPR 26660 - RED5 OFX - RED effects timing is wrong and overall effects are truncated at final render in Sony Vegas when Keep Keyframe Time is enabled"

"SPR 26694","All Mac: Only first two frames of a 1 sec exported Targa Image Seq get imported in RED."

"SPR 26700","All Mac: Imported Traga Image Seq shows render buffer problem when played/scrubbed in RED Timeline."

"SPR 26731","Win - RED will crash if it tries to autosave while running in MediaComposer"

"SPR 26738","MacIntelc - RED standalone - Color Picker: Clicking on the color picker control does not turn on the color picker"

"SPR 26748","MacIntelc - RED standalone - Filters: Today's build is missing BCC and FEC filters in the filter menu"

"SPR 26775","Mac 10.7 (but probably 10.6 also): Importing multiple files results in only one file getting imported."

A note about RED Mac Premiere 32 Bit

The Synthetic Importer for RED Mac CS4 was been removed as we have noted instability. The filter and transition remain.


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