Boris RED - 5.0.7

Tags: Media 100, RED, Soundbite

Changes between RED 5.0.6 and RED 5.0.7 are:

( Added ) Host Support:

Grass Valley Edius 6

Host Specific Known Issues:

After Effects:

• Extruded text gets cutoff when previewing in AE Comp window.

Grass Valley Edius 6:

• 10bit Edius project is currently not supported. We are working to support this in future releases.

• For about 1 sec. before Boris RED UI launches, you may see video render wrong colors. However, it shows the correct colors there after and does not affect the functionality and the final render is correct.

• In Library Browser, toggling between Advanced and Template modes sometimes causes a redraw problem in the menus bar at the top of the window. This does not affect functionality of the feat


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