Boris RED - 5.0.6

Tags: Media 100, RED, Soundbite

Changes between RED 5.0.5 and RED 5.0.6 are:

Additional System Support:

MACINTOSH: RED 5.0.6 (32bit only) supports OS 10.7/Lion .

Fixed Issues:

• Macintosh Systems - Export Current Frame does not work with different file extension, like .jpeg. This is Fixed.

• Macintosh Systems - Macintosh Systems - Changing video track applied with Damaged TV to Text makes RED unresponsive. Fixed so now the media can be changed.

• All Macintosh/Windows Systems - Switching paint layer to Spline Primitive with graph view open makes RED unresponsive. Fixed.

Known Issues:

• All Macintosh/Windows Systems – Position of overlays change when you undo.

• All Macintosh Systems – User Mark text is in wrong position and doesn’t refresh properly in composite window.

Host Specific Known Issues:

Avid Media Composer:

• Windows 32bit Systems – After saving a Red project via Avid when applying back to Avid the Record window is black.

Sony Vegas Pro:

• Using RED as 2 to 1 transform when over an audio track makes Vegas unresponsive.


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