Boris RED - 5.0.3

Tags: Media 100, RED, Soundbite

Changes between RED 5.0.2 and RED 5.0.3 are:

New BCC Filter: 3 Way Color Grade is now added to the Color and Blurs category of BCC filters.

Fixed Issues:

• Motion Tracker feature is non-functional with Open GL on. Now it works even with Open GL on.

• Windows Systems - keyframe copy/paste does not work. Now the keyframes copy/paste.

• Windows System - mouse wheel zoom doesn't work when image is already zoomed in comp window. This is fixed now.

• Windows Systems - 3D objects disappear at certain rotation values when bevels are off at full quality settings. This is Fixed.

• Windows Systems - RED Motion Tracker does not update the image and tracker UI to provide feedback while tracking is in progress. Now the image is updated.

• Toggling on Snap to Grid and creating vector text on-screen will make RED unresponsive. This is now fixed.

• Windows 7 Systems - RED 5 stops responding when selecting preferences from edit menu. Fixed.

• Windows Systems - custom keyboard shortcuts get reset to defaults on re-launch of RED5. This is fixed so the custom keyboard shortcuts retain their assigned “values”.

• Windows Systems - Generating the Keyframe Library thumbnails while having Internet Explorer open causes RED to close automatically in standalone or freeze the host. This is fixed so RED does not quit nor freeze the host.

• Windows Systems - generating the Keyframe Library thumbnails causes RED to freeze. This is fixed so now & RED does not freeze anymore.

• Macintosh Systems - in template mode, hitting Command+W to hide the library browser will freeze the host. This is Fixed & the host does not freeze anymore.

• Insert text menu item does not work in timeline window. Now it works.

• Windows XP Systems – RED stops responding when changing parameters and/or scrubbing timeline after any BCC/FEC filter is applied. This is fixed now.

• Moving a tab from an open window back to your UI causes RED to freeze. You can now move the undocked window back to the UI.

• Macintosh System - BCC Alpha Spotlight and Particle System filters do not come through when promoting RED 4 project to RED 5. Now these filters come through.

• Repositioning preview comp for imported media results in instability after media is deleted. Fixed & RED remains stable.

• Windows Systems - render doesn’t refresh when loading BCC/FEC presets via popup menu. Now it refreshes correctly.

• Invoking Tool Window while the Text Window is undocked causes RED to stop responding. This is Fixed now.

• Macintosh Systems - when docking the Text Window, the Justification, Text Wrap and other functions do not work in the Controls window. This is Fixed.

Fixed Host Specific Issues:

Adobe After Effects:

• Changing BCC effect presets does not update in host. Now the presets update in the host.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

• Changing BCC effect presets does not update in host. Now the presets update in Premiere Pro.

• Macintosh Systems – Premiere Pro hangs when you close out Library Browser in template mode and then click on the launch button. Fixed, so :Premiere Pro doesn’t hang anymore.

• Undoing text change (Cntrl+Z) hangs RED 5 in Premiere Pro. Fixed, so Undo (Cntrl+Z) works now.

Avid Media Composer:

• Avid hangs when applying RED back to host. Now it does apply back to Avid and there is no hang.

• Macintosh Systems - when clicking out of RED UI you cannot re-activate the RED menu via clicking. Fixed.

Apple Final Cut Pro:

• Changing BCC effect presets does not update in host. Now the presets update in FCP.

Sony Vegas Pro:

• Undoing text change (Cntrl+Z) hangs RED 5 in Vegas Pro. Fixed, so Undo (Cntrl+Z) works now.

Known Issues:

• Windows Systems - 3D Plane shape Spline Objects scale larger in host when RED’s Composite Window is left at reduced resolutions.

• Windows Systems - text font field does not show font selection.

• Projects from RED 4 don’t adjust duration for new frame rates.

• Macintosh Systems - when you save library browser template mode as a workspace, you cannot go back to advanced mode.

• Macintosh Systems – you cannot rename filter track.

• In Graph Editor, dragging a keyframe over a non-selected keyframe causes deletion of non-selected keyframe.

• Windows Systems - the History Palette does not show bold text with the initial changes.

• Re-positioning multiple position keyframes at once in Graph View will unexpectedly change to extreme values.

• Windows Systems – you cannot change/edit text in Library Browser when it’s undocked.

• Projects with long name (28+ characters) will not open from Recent Project menu.

• Macintosh Systems - RED does not show BCC and FEC filters if the drive has 28+ characters in the name.

Host Specific Known Issues:

Adobe After Effects:

• AE CS 3/4/5- Win- using BCC Composite, RGB Blend or Super Blend sometimes turns video upside-down.

• Macintosh System - the Comp Window in RED appears white until you force an update.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

• Macintosh Systems – some BCC filters rescale incorrectly when switching Premiere Pro to draft mode.

• Macintosh Systems – CS 4 - opening projects in Premiere Pro CS 4 that have a RED 5 Composition (synthetic importer) applied will hide all media in timeline. RED composition effect is not showing up, and the media in the timeline is all black, or at the very least there is no video update when you scrub.

• Macintosh Systems – Help menu items do not launch when using RED in Premiere Pro. As a workaround, if you only need to re-open :Purchase/Activate dialog box then just go back to Premiere Pro and then re-launch RED. For other Help items, workaround is to launch RED Standalone Engine & then open them.

Media100 Suite :

• You cannot deactivate RED serial number once you’re in unlicensed Media 100. Please call Tech Support if you run into this problem.

Sony Vegas Pro:

• in Vegas 10d, some effects, generally effects that use paint or spline object media, effects that use motion tracking (or even perhaps an effect that uses a lot of filters with a lot of parameters) will result in an error message appearing saying that the contents of the effect will not be saved by Vegas when the Vegas project is saved. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the effect and render it in the same Vegas session.


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