Boris RED - 5.0.1

Tags: Media 100, RED, Soundbite

Changes between RED 5.0 and RED 5.0.1 are:

(Added) Host Support:

Adobe After Effects: 5.5 (Windows only)

Adobe Premiere Pro: 5.5 (Windows only)

Fixed Issues/Limitations:

On Windows systems, spacebar does not work as a shortcut to play clip after altering BCC onscreen controls.

Repositioning a point in the graph editor unexpectedly causes all curves to change.

Typing a value for Zoom feature in Composite Window does not work.

Scale Fit option does not work as zoom value stays at 6.25% in Composite Window when resizing it. This is only on Macintosh systems.

A track does not always get selected in the timeline & has to be toggled by clicking outside it.

WACOM tablet pen stylus does not work with pressure, tilt, bearing.

Repositioning a tab next to Tool window makes all windows unmovable. This is only on Windows systems.

Playback rates are somewhat slower when an effect is highlighted in the timeline.

Graph Editor does not zoom to match timeline zoom.

Can’t select bézier handle in Graph Editor if the handle is close to another curve.

Selecting Gradient or hitting OK in the Gradient menu will unexpectedly switch the tab to Text menu.

On Window systems, you lose mouse wheel zoom option after applying any filter with on screen controls.

When opening RED 4 FEC projects in RED 5 there are compatibility problems (project won't render the same and some parameter values will be reset).

On Windows systems, re-sizing the UI window or moving the CTI in Graph View mode makes the Timeline (CTI) numbers re-position over Controls window.

Fixed Host Specific Known Issues/Limitations:

Premiere Pro:

Video in Composite window is squished vertically when RED is opened from premiere any time after the first.

Opening a CS4 project in CS5 that has RED5 as a transition and filter does not work correctly.


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