Boris RED - 5.0.0

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New In RED 5.0:

1) support for 64bit hosts: Adobe CS 5, Sony Vegas 10

2) redesigned Single Window User Interface

3) new features:

a) Graph View Editor

b) Tabbed windows so that they can be docked in another window or can be opened in separate windows

4) several new effects with bundled BCC 7 in both Open GL and non - Open GL categories

5) 50 new FEC 6 effects

6) new Library Browser presets

7) additional Workspace presets

System Support Specs:

MACINTOSH: OS 10.6/Intel (32bit only)

WINDOWS: XP 32, VISTA 32 & 64, WIN 7 32 & 64bit

QuickTime (32bit only): 7.6.4

Host Support :

Adobe After Effects: CS 4
Adobe After Effects: CS 3 & CS 5 (both WINDOWS Only)
Adobe Premiere Pro: CS 3, CS 4
Adobe Premiere Pro: CS 5 (WINDOWS Only)
Apple Final Cut Pro: 7.0.3
Avid Media Composer: 5.0.3 & 5.5.1
Media 100 Suite: 2.0
Sony Vegas: 10d

Known Issues/Limitations:

On Windows systems, spacebar does not work as a shortcut to play clip after altering BCC onscreen controls.

No video renders in Composite window when a rendered clip is dragged from Project window into the timeline.

You can’t import data while using the Chart Editor.

Reset button does not reset all filter’s controls - popup menu and check-boxes.

Insert New Tracks At CTI preference is not respected when inserting an effect from Library Browser.

Opening SD project saved in RED 4 creates an HD project in RED 5 with the SD content centered over the HD background track.

Turning off media when a spray paint track is added in texture does not show only paint track.

Unlinked scale x / y parameters unexpectedly relinked after adjusting scale y value.

In the 64bit version, opening RED 4 projects which contain QuickTime movies gives a misleading Missing Files dialog.

Repositioning a point in the graph editor unexpectedly causes all curves to change.

Typing a value for Zoom feature in Composite Window does not work.

Scale Fit option does not work as zoom value stays at 6.25% in Composite Window when resizing it. This is only on Macintosh systems.

A track does not always get selected in the timeline & has to be toggled by clicking outside it.

Mouse cursor changes to Crosshair instead of the Rotate type when using Rotate tool on spline objects.

Interpolation preference setting in Keyframe Generator Options is ignored.

Extruded Text letters are stretched with some fonts in Draft or All Styles mode.

On Macintosh systems, the Composite window does not refresh using the on-screen widgets.

On-screen overlays controls ignore constant switch in controls window, unexpectedly creating keyframes with default interpolation when dragged.

Replace missing media dialog does not replace all instances of a missing QuickTime file when opening old projects in RED 5 which leads to incorrect renders with no warning or explanation.

Cannot undo text changes in History Palette.

WACOM tablet pen stylus does not work with pressure, tilt, bearing.

Repositioning a tab next to Tool window makes all windows unmovable. This is only on Windows systems.

Playback rates are somewhat slower when an effect is highlighted in the timeline.

On 64bit Windows systems, you can’t import .psd photoshop files from Project window. However, you can import it directly in the Timeline.

With OGL enabled, Composite window blinks/flashes and image shifts slightly to the left when changing from Arrow to any other tool.

Graph Editor does not zoom to match timeline zoom.

On WINDOWS 7- 64bit system, importing an AVI, changing the duration and scrubbing the timeline gives you a QuickTime error.

Overlays sometimes are drawn in the wrong location for effects applied to SD clips in HD comps when applied above the Mask track. Can’t select bézier handle in Graph Editor if the handle is close to another curve. Dragging one of the points of the bézier handle to reposition it moves the opposite handle horizontally. Clicking "Toggle Background" & "Change Thumbnail View" in Style Palette do not always work. You have to click somewhere else in the window & then Change Thumbnail View button: Macintosh systems only.

Applying BCC Optical Stabilizer to a clip after deselecting "Use Input Layer Track" causes Analyze button to disappear on 2nd frame.

RED Standalone Engine is unable to display Sony YUV codec AVI video (it works fine in RED as a plug-in in Sony Vegas).

Selecting Gradient or hitting OK in the Gradient menu will unexpectedly switch the tab to Text menu.

Projects from windows don’t ask you to relink missing media on mac.

Cursor and shape become disconnected so that as you drag the shape the cursor is not locked to the shape, which appears to float away from the cursor.

With OpenGL on, Comp window does not update in real time when using apply modes and dragging a shape while graph view is enabled. You need to disable Accelerated Draft Preview in Edit/Preferences/Preview window.

Filters with large numbers of effect control tabs will have missing tabs unless the effect window is quite wide.

On Window systems, you lose mouse wheel zoom option after applying any filter with on screen controls.

When opening RED 4 FEC projects in RED 5 there are compatibility problems (project won't render the same and some parameter values will be reset).

BCC Witness Protection filter does not come forward from RED 4 to RED 5.

Projects containing FEC Min Max do not bring effect forward from RED 4 to RED 5.

Workspace files that have been saved on Windows and then transferred to a Macintosh system will only open on the Macintosh if the workspace has been moved into the Workspaces folder located inside Application Support/BorisFX folder. If you attempt to open it from the desktop, the workspace file will not be recognized by RED.

On Windows systems, re-sizing the UI window or moving the CTI in Graph View mode makes the Timeline (CTI) numbers re-position over Controls window.

With Open GL on, there are UI redraw problems in Composite window (on both Macintosh & Windows systems) when re-sizing the UI window in Graph View mode.

Host Specific Known Issues/Limitations:


Launching RED as a Filter brings up two video tracks instead of one.

Changing the duration of a rendered RED effect does not unrender it.


When RED transition is in a nested sequence and the nested sequence has another transition applied RED transition renders incorrectly

Media 100 Suite:

Bin Browser: Media clip frames do not update until one of the selection check-boxes at the bottom of the window is toggled On/Off.

Premiere Pro:

Video in Composite window is squished vertically when RED is opened from premiere any time after the first.

Opening a CS4 project in CS5 that has RED5 as a transition and filter does not work correctly.

Sony Vegas:

When switching to a higher resolution in RED UI, video from Vegas renders as transparent on the first render.

RED 5 does not install in Vegas as a Generator (as it did in RED 4) in this release. We are working to make it available in future releases.


If you are upgrading from RED 4 to RED 5, the plugins will be replaced but stand alone engines will remain side by side. Both keyframe libraries will remain on the system.

About Obsolete Filters: RED 4 Keyframe Library contains older presets that make use of old, now obsolete, filters. These presets will not always work correctly in RED 5. Please use RED 5 Keyframe Library as your default keyframe library.

QuickTime is not supported for 64bit. Movie files will have to be in AVI format to be able to import them in RED.


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