Boris RED - 4.1.0

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Boris Red 4.1 Release Notes

Hardware and Software Requirements Supported Host Applications

Notes on Using Boris Red Using OpenGL

Configuring Dual Monitor Systems Displaying Frames on your External Monitor Exporting to Flash

Creating Time Effects Using Motion Filters

Getting Started with the KeyFrame Library Keyboard Shortcuts

New Modifier Keys for Dial controls

Host Application Notes Edius

Avid Liquid Premiere Pro Sony Vegas Final Cut Pro 5.1

Fixed Bugs

Known Limitations General Limitations Keyboard Shortcuts

The Spline Object Media Type Text Features

Chart Features Filters


Hardware and Software Requirements

Supported Operating System

Boris Red 4 supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP® SP2

  • Apple Macintosh OS 10.4.X

    System Requirements

  • A minimum 1 GB of RAM is required, and 2 GB is recommended when using Boris Red with a host application.

  • 512 MB of memory is required when using Boris Red standalone.

  • QuickTime version 6.5 or later installed

For the best performance possible, Boris Red 4 supports dual processors and Hyper Threading. To download the standalone version of QuickTime from the Apple Web site go to

Supported Graphics Cards and Drivers

In order to take advantage of the OpenGL hardware-dependent features and effects in Boris Red, you need a supported OpenGL graphics card and drivers. For detailed information on the OpenGL feature in Red 4, see the section on Using OpenGL later in this document and the Understanding OpenGL pdf on your Red CD.

Supported Host Applications

Supported Host Applications

Red 4 adds support for Avid AVX 2.0 API


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