BCC OFX (Sony Vegas Pro) - 7.0.4

Tags: Continuum Complete

You must uninstall any previous BCC 7 version through Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel before installing BCC 7.0.4.
Changes made between version 7.0.3 and version 7.0.4 are:

a) Several New Filters Added per Following List :

- Corner Pin

- Match Move

- UpRez

- Pan and Zoom

b) Fixed Bugs :

- DV Fixer Contextual controls are now working

- Sporadic crashes in Spotlight problem has been Fixed

(additional bugs fixed that Require Sony Vegas 10b ):

- auto-animating filters now refresh when applied to static generators, stills, or empty events. Previously they did not refresh.

- Vegas level presets saved after creating a motion path work now. Previously they did not work.

- All Time filters- Rendering as a DV NTSC AVI now give correct results. Previously they produced a garbage result.

- BCC Motion Tracking or Time filters (Jitter, Jitter Basic, Looper, Optical Flow, Optical Stabilizer, Posterize Time, Temporal Blur, Time Displacement, Trails, Trails Basic, Velocity Remap) now work on an effect that has a disabled track above it in the Vegas timeline. Previously they did not work in such a case.


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