BCC OFX (Sony Vegas Pro) - 7.0.3

Tags: Continuum Complete

You must uninstall any previous BCC 7 version through Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel before installing BCC 7.0.3.

Changes made between version 7.0.2 and version 7.0.3 are:
a) Several New Filters Added per Following List :

-3D Image Shatter

-Color Palette



-DVE Basic

-Extruded EPS

-Extruded Spline

-Extruded Text

-Layer Deformer

-Optical Stabilizer

-Page Turn

-Sphere Transition

-Type On Text

b) Fixed Bugs :

-Improved quality of Motion Tracking in interlaced clips (both a smoother motion path and a more reliable lock)

-You can now scroll through presets menus with the mouse scroll wheel after you've selected a preset from this list.

c) Known Issues :

-when using Extruded EPS, Extruded Spline, Extruded Text, Layer Deformer, Type on Text on dual-monitor systems, it is recommended that you keep your host running on the primary monitor to avoid any instability that may occur. Also, it may take a few seconds for these filters to initiallize when used the first time, especially on a dual-monitor system. Subsequent uses will load faster.

-Sony Vegas may crash when BCC Spotlight and BCC Optical Stab or Optical Flow are used together. We are working to resolve this in future releases.

-scrolling with mouse wheel may cause multiple presets dialog to load. However, this problem is limited to subgroup presets menus (such as Pixel Chooser, for example) &does not affect filter's main presets menu.

-sometimes after deleting an instance of BCC Extruded EPS and then applying a new instance of BCC Extruded EPS with a different EPS file selected, the filter incorrectly renders with the previous EPS file. To workaround this problem make a minor change to a parameter to force Sony to purges its cached effect frames. For example you could change the Ambient Intensity slider from 5.00 to 5.01. We are working to resolve this in future releases.


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