BCC OFX (Sony Vegas Pro) - 7.0.1

Tags: Continuum Complete

The Boris Continuum Complete 7.0.1 update for Sony Vegas is an update to the following release(s); - Boris Continuum Complete 7.0.0 for Sony Vegas 
Changes made between version 7.0.0 and version 7.0.1 are ;

- alpha premultiplication issue is fixed (apparent as a dark line on the edge when stacking effects on Chromakey)

- bug fixes / improvements to stability in specific situations ; Lens Blur effect, some cases of multiple simultaneous effects and/or nested effects

- the integrated motion tracker that is in many effects now allows for saving/loading tracking data (so tracking data can be shared between effects)

- removal of an unnecessary UI element (Source Layer popup menu in Motion tracker group)


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