BCC OFX - 10.0.3 Release Notes

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Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.3 for OFX - Release Notes

BCC 10.0.3 for OFX (OpenFX) hosts was released on 10/3/2016 and is an update to:

BCC 10.0.3 for OFX officially supports Nuke, DaVinci Resolve, and Vegas.  Official support for additional OFX hosts will be added in future updates.


Enhancements in BCC 10.0.3 for OFX:

  • Nuke Support
    • Nuke 10.x is now an officially supported host.  
  • General Enhancements:
    • HUD overlay widgets are now supported for all BCC filters in OFX hosts which support this capability (e.g. Resolve and Nuke.)
    • Point Picker widgets are now only displayed for those points that are contextually active based on current parameter settings
    • Generators are now supported in Edit mode in Resolve
    • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Filter Enhancements:
    • BCC Witness Protection - simplified mocha tracking workflow with single click access to mocha for easy obscuration of multiple moving objects in a single effect instance.
    • BCC Reframer - New Resample Quality menu to ensure access to highest quality resampling techniques when upscaling content by large amounts.
    • BCC Light Wrap is now supported in all OFX hosts.
    • BCC Video Glitch - 24 new presets.
    • BCC Match Grain - Re-engineered for better support in Resolve.
  • PixelChooser/mocha Enhancements:
    • Support for Resolve 12.5.2
    • mocha PixelChooser supports GPU accelerated tracking (OpenCL).
    • mocha PixelChooser option to suppress the Low Resolution Warning Dialog until the next time the application is relaunched.
    • Title Studio Enhancements:
      • Depth of Field
      • Soft Cast Shadows Enhancements
      • Many new and improved presets
      • Scale Anchor Point control
      • Infinite groundplane regardless of scale or zoom.
      • Wireframe camera instead of solid camera icon. 


    What's New in BCC 10 for OFX (Summary of major changes since BCC9):

    • New effects:
      • Beauty Studio
      • Dropout Fixer
      • Fast Film Glow
      • Fast Film Process
      • Fast Lens Blur
      • Light Leaks
      • Light Wrap (New in OFX hosts other than Vegas where it was already included in BCC9.)
      • Optical Stabilizer (new in Resolve Studio versions 12.5 or higher.  Already included in Vegas in BCC9.)
      • Reframer
      • Remover
      • Title Studio
      • Video Glitch
      • Unsharp Mask (New in OFX hosts other than Vegas where it was already included in BCC9.)
      • Videoscope (New in OFX hosts other than Vegas where it was already included in BCC9.)
    • New transitions:
      • Cross Glitch
      • Cross Melt
      • Cross Zoom
      • Fast Film Glow Dissolve
      • Lens Blur Dissolve
      • Light Leaks Dissolve
    • Render speeds improved by 10-30% as compared to BCC9.
    • PixelChooser re-engineered for streamlined UI, enhanced shape masking, and robust color keying (in addition to mocha spline tracking).
    • Greater use of OpenCL and OpenGL for GPU acceleration in filters such as Beauty Studio, Title Studio, Fast Film Glow, Fast Film Process, Fast Lens Blur, Lens Blur Dissolve, and many more.
    • HUD overlay widgets in OFX hosts which support them (e.g. Resolve and Nuke)
    • FX Browser™ support in 3D Objects family of effects.
    • FX Browser™ supports previewing over dynamic source clip rather than over a static source in Resolve Studio versions 12.5 and up.
    • Change text fields directly from FX Browser™ in 3D objects filters.
    • Witness Protection now includes the PixelChooser with mocha to allow tracking/obscuring multiple simultaneous regions in a single effect instance.
    • New textures added to BCC Grunge.
    • Advanced Optical Flow option in BCC Motion Blur.
    • Added View Current Matte feature to Chroma Key Studio.
    • New presets for many key filters such as Fast Film Process, Fast Film Glow, Grunge, Glare, Glint, and Glitter.
    • Streamlined effect categories with deprecated filters moved to Obsolete category.
    • Point picker widgets now include text labels to more easily distinguish between multiple point controls.
    • Numerous bug fixes.


    BCC 10 OFX officially supports the following host applications:

    Note that official support for additional OFX hosts will be added in future updates.

    Mac OSX 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, and 10.12:

    • DaVinci Resolve Studio and DaVinci Resolve 11, 12, and 12.5.  (Using the latest 12.x update for Resolve is strongly recommended.)
    • Nuke 10.x

    Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64:

    • DaVinci Resolve Studio and DaVinci Resolve 11, 12, and 12.5. (Using the latest 12.x update for Resolve is strongly recommended.)
    • Nuke 10.x
    • Vegas 13 (Sony)
    • Vegas 14 (Magix)


    Additional Host Version Requirements:

    Note that due to variation from one OFX host to another, some features or effects may not be available in all OFX hosts.  Furthermore, some BCC features have additional host version requirements:

    • In order to access the mocha PixelChooser, BCC Optical Stabilizer, and FX Browser dynamic video previews when running in DaVinci Resolve, you must use the paid Studio version of Resolve and you must use Resolve Studio 12.5 or higher.



    Numerous resources are available for helping you get the most out of Boris Continuum Complete.

    • Help documents for individual BCC effects are accessible directly from each plug-in’s UI.  The entire BCC Help Documention library is also available on the BorisFX website, including access to a downloadable version for browsing offline BCC Help Documentation.
    • BorisTV video tutorials cover a huge range of topics from introductions to the Fundamentals, to deep training Webinar Replays, to in-depth looks at  key effects and techniques.


    BCC OFX 10.x Compatibility Notes:
    While in general your previously saved projects should render identically in the newer version, bug fixes and quality improvements can sometimes change the look of older projects. While every effort is made to ensure project compatibility, the following notable areas may see some change to the look of previously saved projects.

    • 3D Objects Extrusion Styles now scale with text point size but this can in some cases cause different scaling when opening saved projects which might require readjustment.
    • The BCC Motion Tracker in OFX hosts will continue to render previously saved motion tracker analysis passes and it will continue to support loading externally generated tracker data files such as those exported from mocha, but conducting new BCC Motion Tracker analysis passes is disabled in OFX hosts other than Vegas in order to ensure full cooperation with host multi-threading requirements.
    • Rays Dissolve - a fix to the Region Animation rotation control will cause the region size to appear slightly larger when opening saved projects which used this Region Animation option. 


    BCC OFX 10.0.3 - Known Issues and Limitations:

    • Title Studio Plugin Mac - Menu Bar doesn't update back when toggling apps until you cancel or apply from Title Studio UI. [1539]
    • BCC Motion Blur now includes an Advanced optical flow option which uses OpenCL hardware assisted rendering to implement a more sophisticated (and more computationally intensive) motion vector analysis.  The performance of the Advance mode varies widely from one graphics card to another and if you see reduced performance or unexpected results when using the Advanced option it is recommended that you switch to the Simple mode on that card. [706 + 1094]
    • Title Studio - The Frame Cache is not automatically Purged when you manually change the PAR (pixel aspect ratio). [1964]
    • Title Studio - Some C4D files show inaccurate colors or blocky shape geometries. [2271]
    • Title Studio - Japanese Localization is not working in all UI elements. [2628]
    • Text labels for point pickers and other HUD widgets can appear malformed in some hosts on some Retina displays. [2574]
    • mocha PixelChooser - mocha track data is not saved with presets.  To clone mocha tracking data from one effect instance or machine or host to another, you can use the File->Export Project and File->Merge Project options from within the mocha UI. [645]
    • mocha PixelChooser - tracking data does not adjust if the user changes the clip trim on the front end of the clip after tracking.  The clip will need to be re-tracked if the trim is changed on the front.  You can minimize the amount of re-tracking by re-aligning the contours within the mocha UI with the Ubey-key, offsetting the contour to re-align it, and then re-tracking the remainder as necessary. [1076]
    • mocha PixelChooser - export to BCC motion tracker formats requires the host application be set to full resolution for the exported track data to be correctly scaled. [1675]
    • Motion Tracker data import sometimes fails to set the correct track location due to a Resolve host-side bug.  Closing and relaunching Resolve and then re-importing the external tracker data may work around this issue. [3099]
    • 3D Objects filters may render black on some systems in Nuke on Windows the very first time Nuke is launched after installing BCC.  Relaunching Nuke eliminates the problem.


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