BCC FxPlug - 7.0.2 Release Notes

Tags: Continuum Complete

Release Notes

Boris Continuum Complete 7.0.2 FxPlug supports the following host applications:

Macintosh: Apple Final Cut Studio 3 and above

System Requirements:

Macintosh: Max OSX 10.5 and higher

New with this Version:

• Swish Pan Transition and Lens Transition filters are now generating the expected result. In the previous version of the software, both of these filters were transitioning to black instead of transitioning to the incoming clip. This issue has been resolved and these filters now render the expected result, transitioning from the outgoing to the incoming clip.

• Edit menu items in the 3D Objects filters categories are now operating as expected. In the previous version of the software, edit menu items, such as copy, cut, paste, select all etc were non operational and did nothing when selected. This issue has been resolved and the copy and paste functions now operate as expected in these filters.


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