BCC for Avid DS - 7.0.0 Release Notes

Tags: Continuum Complete

BCC DS AVX2 700 Release Notes

What's New In This Release?:

Supported DS versions:

  • 10.3/10.3.1


  • Effects losing Cache problem is Fixed so now the Processed effects do not lose their cache after Saving & Re-opening a sequence
  • Color/Luma shift between 8 & 16bit in YCC Projects for both 601 & 709 Color Modes is Fixed
  • Wrong alpha value renders with alpha based images is Fixed


  • Filters now have Compare Mode feature
  • Filters now have On Screen UI Widgets

Newly Added Filters:

  • Following filters are newly added to Open GL category:

Particle Array 3D

Pin Art 3D

Tile Mosaic

Known Issues/Limitations:

  • At random, It is possible that the mouse cursor would disappear when adjusting some Slider parameters in Effect’s UI. To avoid this we suggest setting it in Classic Mode instead of Relative Mode. We are working with Avid to resolve this problem.
  • At random, Thumbwheels for certain parameters may not show up. Generally re-sizing the Effects’ UI Window fixes this problem. We are working with Avid to resolve this problem.
  • Some thumbwheels can be coarse in updating the values. We are working with Avid to resolve this problem.
  • Optical Stabilizer has been removed from this release. It will be re-instated in future releases.
  • Layer selection option (such as in Compare Mode) only works in Composite Mode & not in Timeline Mode.
  • Open GL filters Glare, Glint, Glitter, Lens Flare, Lens Flare Advanced, Prism do not honor alpha. We are working on Fixing this in future versions.


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