BCC AVX - 6.0.5 Release Notes

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BCC 6.0.5 AVX Release Notes

BCC 6.0.5 AVX is a major update to the BCC AVX 6 package, which includes greater support for Avid Media Composer, with additional features and filters such as Animated Presets for the 3D Objects category of filters, a totally revamped Optical Stabilizer filter, a new Swish Pan transition filter and better compatibility with the Adobe and Apple versions of the Continuum product. This version of the Continuum product also includes support for Avid Media Composer 4, Avid Symphony 4 and Avid NewsCutter 8.

New features and improvements include:


Animated Presets for 3D Objects

The Animated Presets option that was first introduced to the Continuum product line with BCC 6 has been extended to include the BCC 3D Objects category of filters. This powerful feature provides users with the ability to save animated 3D Object filter effects, which can be used on other projects and in other BCC hosts.



The Animated Presets feature preserve all of the original keyframe animation data and upon opening an animated preset, the user is prompted to select from two options - either preserving the original animation timing or automatically reposition the keyframes so that they fit the length of the current composition. This feature is now available in every filter in the BCC 6 product.

Revamped Optical Stabilizer filter

The BCC Optical Stabilizer filter, which automatically smoothes or completely eliminates shaky camera motion, has been revised and updated making it even easier to use than before and now provides more feedback to the user during the image analysis process.



A new Autoscale option has also been added to the filter, which automatically transform scales the locked down clip so that it fills the frame or composite window. We have also added several post transform image enhancement options, which generate very sharp and artifact free results.





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