BCC AE/Premiere Pro - 7.0.6

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Boris Continuum Complete 7.0.6 AE supports the following host applications :

Macintosh : Adobe CS3, CS4, CS5.

Windows : Adobe CS3, CS4, CS5.

System Requirements :

Macintosh : Max OSX 10.5 and higher

Windows : Windows 7 32/64, Windows Vista 32/64, XP 32/64

New with this Version :

• Fixed timing problems in BCC Motion Key when field rendering with keyframed Area position, scale, aspect, and/or angle parameters.

• Fixed BCC UpRez workflow in Premiere Pro CS4 . Please refer to the new BCC Uprez documentation for detailed instructions on using the filter in various versions of Premiere Pro . Note that due to host differences between Premiere Pro CS4 and Premiere Pro CS3/CS5 , BCC Uprez projects saved in Premiere Pro CS3 will not open as expected in Premiere Pro CS4 , nor will CS4 projects open as expected in CS5 . (Both scenarios will require manual tweaking of project settings.)

• Fixed unexpected behavior in Premiere Pro when saving/loading Motion Tracker data if the effect name happened to be highlighted in the Premiere Pro ’s effect control pane.

• Fixed unexpected behavior in BCC Spotlight for extreme settings of Light Elevation .

• Fixed unexpected behavior in BCC Optical Stabilizer when the Corner 1 and Corner 2 controls defined an unusually small region.

• Fixed a small memory leak in BCC Optical Flow

• Made improvements to BCC Match Grain usability in Premiere Pro CS5 .

The following is a listing of the known problems in the product at time of shipping :

CS5 After Effects : Projects that have been saved at less than full resolution can cause BCC 3D Objects filters to incorrectly render only a portion of the screen. Resaving the project at full resolution and re-rendering solves this problem.

CS5 After Effects : The BCC Extrude EPS filter does not maintain its link to the original EPS file when opening a project in CS5 that was originated in CS4 . The EPS file must be re-linked manually after opening the project.

CS5 After Effects : The BCC Extruded Text filter can sometimes not see certain non-standard fonts when opening a project in CS5 that originated in CS4 .

CS4 Premiere Pro : The built in Motion Tracker will not function as expected with HD clips that have new in/out points.

Tile Mosaic : The Emboss function in this filter is not working on Macintosh .

Pin Art and Particle Array : Anti-aliasing doesn’t apply to edges of custom shapes created by a texture with alpha.

Pin Art and Particle Array - artifacts when using Noise Waves and vertical line (and grid) particles

CS3/4/5 Premiere Pro Windows : Drop down Presets menu does not work for any of the BCC 7 filters. Note : You are able to Load the presets through L button

Beat Reactor : Extraneous keyframe created at position of CTI. Note, this always happens the first time you apply Beat Reactor .

CS3 Premiere Pro Macintosh : Applying any OpenGL Category filter to a Premiere Generator will result in host instability.

CS4 : Adjusting parameters in BCC filters can result in the filter controls not redrawing correctly. Should this occur, twirling the filter closed and then open can help correct the issue.

CS4 Premiere Pro Window 7/64 bit : Adjusting parameters for Map Controls feature in some filters causes Premiere Pro to generate a “Premiere Pro Not Responding” message.

Optical Stabilizer will lose any analyzed data if the media FPS does not match the comp FPS.



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