BCC Adobe AE/Premiere – 10.0.1 Release Notes

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Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.1 for Adobe AE/Premiere - Release Notes


BCC 10.0.1 for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro was released on 3/7/2016 and is an update to:


Enhancements in BCC 10.0.1 for Adobe AE/Premiere:

  • General Enhancements:
    • FX Browser playback performance optimization in the 3D Objects category.
    • Support for Open CL optimization on older Mac laptops with NVIDIA graphics.
    • Enanced reliablity across all OpenCL optimized effects.
    • Hide Disabled Parameters added to Preferences to control whether disabled params are completely hidden.
    • Numerous bug fixes. 
  • Filter Enhancements:
    • BCC Beauty Studio - OpenCL refinements yielding additional 1.3x - 2x performance improvement.
    • BCC Light Leaks Dissolve - 45 new presets.
    • 3D Objects Category - New Constant Scale option allowing greater control over bevels as Extrusion Depth changes.
    • Fast Film Glow - New Avoid Clipping control to enable glows to expand past image boundaries without clipping along the edges.
  • Title Studio Enhancements:
    • Render performance optimization - e.g. Credit Rolls render up to 1.5x faster.
    • Many new text animation and countdown templates.
    • Support for tab stops in imported RTF text files.
    • Extrusion Styles now scale with text point size for easy workflow.
    • More accurate Motion Blur.
    • Presets arranged thematically in subfolders for easier navigation.
    • New Countdown generator for simple countdown animations.
    • New Fixed Width option in Numbers generator for stable animation.
    • Improved Preview To RAM feature.
    • Improved Cinema 4D format support.
  • Pixel Chooser Enhancements:
    • mocha performance optimization on Mac - mask rendering speed improved 1.4x
    • mocha improvements to trimmed clip handling in AE and Premiere
    • New OpenCL optimized edge-preserving PreSmoothing option in the PixelChooser Matte group to enable creating cleaner HSL isolations and Luma/Channel mattes.
    • HSL Key - Full OpenCL acceleration yielding 2-2.5x improvement in key rendering performance.
    • HSL Key - improved quality (less noisy) in regions with low saturation.
    • HUD overlay widgets for Egg Shape masks.


What's New in BCC 10 for Adobe (Summary of major changes since BCC9):

  • mocha planar tracking integrated directly into the PixelChooser.
  • 8 new effects:
    • Beauty Studio
    • Dropout Fixer
    • Fast Lens Blur
    • Light Leaks
    • Reframer
    • Remover
    • Title Studio
    • Video Glitch
  • 5 new transitions:
    • Cross Glitch
    • Cross Melt
    • Cross Zoom
    • Lens Blur Dissolve
    • Light Leaks Dissolve
  • PixelChooser re-engineered for streamlined UI, enhanced shape masking, and robust color keying (in addition to mocha spline tracking).
  • Greater use of OpenCL and OpenGL for GPU acceleration in filters such as Beauty Studio, Title Studio, Fast Lens Blur, Lens Blur Dissolve, and many more.
  • New OpenCL rendering engine for enhanced performance and robustness in OpenCL accelerated filters.
  • FX Browser™ support in 3D Objects family of effects.
  • Change text fields directly from FX Browser™ in 3D objects filters.
  • Fast Film Glow:
    • Render quality improvements - particularly on alpha clips.
    • Additional standard features such as Compare Mode, PixelChooser with mocha, Beat Reactor, and Avoid Clipping.
  • Fast Film Process:
    • Improved OpenCL rendering.
    • Additional standard features such as Compare Mode and PixelChooser with mocha.
  • Witness Protection now includes the PixelChooser with mocha to allow tracking/obscuring multiple simultaneous regions in a single effect instance.
  • New textures added to BCC Grunge.
  • Advanced Optical Flow option in BCC Motion Blur.
  • Added View Current Matte feature to Chroma Key Studio.
  • New presets for many key filters such as Fast Film Process, Fast Film Glow, Grunge, Glare, Glint, and Glitter.
  • Streamlined effect categories with deprecated filters moved to Obsolete category.
  • Hide Disabled Parameters option added to Preferences.
  • Numerous bug fixes.


BCC 10 for Adobe supports the following Adobe host applications:

Mac OSX 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11:

  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015

Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10 x64:

  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015



 Numerous resources are available for helping you get the most out of Boris Continuum Complete.

  • Help documents for individual BCC effects are accessible directly from each plug-in’s UI.  The entire BCC Help Documention library is also available on the BorisFX website, including access to a downloadable version for browsing offline BCC Help Documentation.
  • BorisTV video tutorials cover a huge range of topics from introductions to the Fundamentals, to deep training Webinar Replays, to in-depth looks at  key effects and techniques.


BCC for Adobe 10.x Compatibility Notes: 

While in general your previously saved projects should render identically in the newer version, bug fixes and quality improvements can sometimes change the look of older projects. While every effort is made to ensure project compatibility, the following notable areas may see some change to the look of previously saved projects.

  • Render quality improvements in Fast Film Glow when applied to alpha clips may result in some changes to glow brightness and/or extent.
  • 3D Objects Extrusion Styles now scale with text point size but this can in some cases cause different scaling when opening saved projects which might require readjustment.
  • The BCC Motion Tracker in AE/Premiere will continue to render previously saved motion tracker analysis passes and it will continue to support loading externally generated tracker data files such as those exported from mocha, but conducting new BCC Motion Tracker analysis passes is disabled in After Effects and Premiere in order to ensure full cooperation with host multi-threading requirements. 


BCC for Adobe 10.0.1 - Known Issues and Limitations:

  • mocha PixelChooser - mocha track data is not saved with presets.  To clone mocha tracking data from one effect instance or machine or host to another, you can use the File->Export Project and File->Merge Project options from within the mocha UI or you can copy/paste track data from the clipboard when moving from one mocha UI instance to another. [645]
  • Title Studio Plugin Mac - Menu Bar doesn't update back when toggling apps until you cancel or apply from Title Studio UI. [1539]
  • BCC Motion Blur now includes an Advanced optical flow option which uses OpenCL hardware assisted rendering to implement a more sophisticated (and more computationally intensive) motion vector analysis.  The performance of the Advance mode varies widely from one graphics card to another and if you see reduced performance or unexpected results when using the Advanced option it is recommended that you switch to the Simple mode on that card. [706 + 1094]
  • mocha PixelChooser - export to BCC motion tracker formats requires the host application be set to full resolution for the exported track data to be correctly scaled. [1675]
  • Title Studio - The Frame Cache is not automatically Purged when you manually change the PAR (pixel aspect ratio). [1964]
  • Importing Premiere Pro projects containing BCC effects directly into After Effects can lead to effects with some incorrectly transferred parameters which can lead to incorrect renders or other unexpected behavior. This project import workflow is currently not recommended for BCC filters. Please contact Boris technical support if represents an important desired workflow. [28724]
  • Optical Stabilizer does not currently analyze correctly when applied to precomps in AE. As a temporary workaround it should be applied directly to individual clip elements instead of to precomps. [28590]
  • Laser Beam and Stage Light - when using an AE 3D Layer as a target layer the rotation on the target layer is the opposite of what it should be. [30968]
  • Stacking multiple 3D Objects filters on a single clip in Premiere Pro can lead to performance degradation or psuedo-hanging. It is recommended that for the time being 3D Objects filters be applied to separate tracks or separate clips in Premiere Pro. [28423]
  • Title Studio - Premiere Pro 2015 - Some presets do not animate in the FX Browser when applied to a colored solid.  This problem does not affect rendering - just previews in the FX Browser.  As a workaround you can apply Title Studio to a video clip instead of to a solid which will then restore proper animation in the FX Browser UI. [1928]
  • Custom UI views such as mocha PixelChooser and the FX Browser in Premiere Pro will sometimes display the media placeholder view instead of the proper video content if you relaunch the app after the effect was rendered in a previous host session.  We are working with Adobe to resolve this issue which is not unique to BCC.  As a workaround, change any parameter in the main effect controls which will then restore proper video output when the custom UI is re-launched.  [1900]
  • mocha - When applied to high rez footage in AE CC 2014, the mocha UI can appear to become unresponsive in response to mouse or keyboard events.  Switching to another application and then back into AE/mocha will allow restoration of UI control.  It is recommended that users work in AE CC 2015 to avoid this issue, or if CC 2014 is required, that tracking 4k footage be done at half resolution. [1169]
  • Due to a host conflict in Premiere Pro 9.0.2 (which was resolved in Premiere 9.1), Extruded Text and Type on Text filters in can cause instability when inside the text entry windows.  It is recommended that all Premiere 9.x installations be upgraded to the latest version of Premiere. [1937]
  • mocha PixelChooser splines can render distorted or in the wrong location in filters that use "Avoid Clipping" or similar mechanisms to expand the source layer dimensions.  As a workaround the layer expansion should be done prior to the effect in a precomp. [1298]
  • 3D Objects filters can render incorrect lighting when the light type is changed to Spot+Shadow.  As a workaround the light type should be set to alternative settings. [2143]
  • Title Studio - Tiling in the Title Studio custom UI comp window when it is set to half rez and a view other than Render is chosen. [2189]
  • The Hide Disabled Parameters preference exposes host-side UI refresh issues in AE and Premiere.  We are working with Adobe to resolve these issues.  As a workaround the Hide Disabled Parameters preference can be disabled to revert to "graying out" parameters instead of hiding them. [2251 + 2296]
  • 3D Objects category filters with Shatter enabled can produce jumps in shatter particle location when multiple effects are stacked on overlapping layers in Premiere.  As a workaround the effect instances can be nested and rendered individually. [2265]
  • Title Studio - projects with Cinema 4D files that reference host tracks as textures can cause slow or stalled refreshes in Premiere. [2344]
  • BCC Type On Text - Premiere - motion blur does not work as expected in Premiere sequences with formats whose frames per second settings map to whole numbers - e.g. 24.0fps or 30.0fps. [2346]
  • Title Studio - enabling Motion Blur can cause unexpected color shifts, particularly when working with spline objects/primitives. [2351]


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