Avid FX - 6.4

Tags: Avid FX

Avid FX 6.4 update The following bugs are fixed in the Avid FX 6.4 release:
  • Fixed composite mode Multiply renders garbage in 16 bit color [attempted fixes prior to this]
  • Fixed spurious sub-captions on progress dialogs (e.g. "Set Color" for Render Queue Progress Dialog)
  • Fixed crash when entering text and creating non-text undo/redo actions (e.g. track creation)
  • Fixed overlay control refresh issue (would not refresh at all on Windows if the mouse remained in motion)
  • BCC/FEC Filters might not show up inside Avid FX on Windows 8
  • Fixed crash when trying to use negative time
  • Space bar might not function to play when in Avid FX on Windows 8


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