Avid FX - 6.3

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Bug Fixes

The following are the user observable bug fixes from the Avid FX 6.3 release:  

  • Avid FX 16-bit rendering issue where blue channel values appear incorrectly high
  • Styles font dialog. The dialog prompting that a certain font is not available on the user's system appears truncated
  • Text Scroll bar does not show up in the text window when size percentage is increased.
  • Register dialog. Erroneous message when verifying with an incorrect serial
  • Image brushes are not getting installed on windows platform
  • 16 bit rendering Color shift in Avid when you render in 16 bit depth
  • Import picture. Importing large JPEG files in 10.7 crashes Avid
  • Gradient editor live update feature is not updating image
  • Insert Text. When inserting large text file Avid FX will crash as it tries to update.
  • Installer takes a long time before it actually starts installing the product on Windows
  • Insert Composition. Insert composition does not work if you have a face track highlighted in the timeline.
  • Scroll Bars can not use mouse scroll to vertically scroll in the comp window. 
  • Undo/redo. Undoing after deleting text twice will not work 
  • Paint Animated paint in 16 bit will crash Avid FX if you export it as an image file.
  • Pressing the Shift key & Command or Cntrl dragging does not draw a Circle or a Square centered around the cursor as described in the User Guide 
  • Preview Channel. Change preview channel does not work in Avid FX x64 when OpenGL and 16 bit are on
  • Selected Keyframe time does not update when the keyboard short cuts Cmd--> Cmd-<- are used to change it's position.
  • Installer. Installing only the plugin to host without the standalone will not install the uninstaller.
  • Mac Language packs do not work 
  • Avid FX crashes when preview to RAM and then stopping
  • Mac OS 10 7/10 8 If a drive name has a special character then you get "Cannot find prmL resource file " message when AvidFX is launched 
  • Avid FX Standalone. The range button skips when you click on it in a zoomed timeline.
  • All Win OS Using the numeric field/mouse wheel for V2 track's parameter values affects the V1 track as well.
  • All Mac "Use Fonts in Fonts Menu" preference does not work. 
  • All Mac Fonts are listed in Descending order unlike in x32bit where they are listed in Ascending order 
  • Retina display- Bezier handles do not show live update with OGL on 
  • Even with video track selected filter applies as separate track 
  • Brush image renders black on Windows
  • possible crash when bringing projects between Avid FX 64 and AvidFX 32 on Windows
  • Can't replace media in projects that come from Mac when opening on Windows.
  • MacOS X x64 now pays attention to the system language selection and translates accordingly.
  • Avid FX will crash if too much text  is used in the text window [MacOS X]

Preview to monitor from within the standalone engine has been implemented

On Mac the following hardware vendors are supported

  • AJA hardware running AJA drivers 10.4 and higher (Kona 3G, Kona 3, Kona LHe Plus, Kona LHi, IO Express, Io XT, T-Ta
  • Blackmagic cards running the decklink drivers
  • Matrox MXO2 hardware family  - Requires 10.8 or later.
  • Any hardware that implements the Core Media I/O interface - Requires 10.8 or later

On Windows the following hardware vendors are supported

  • AJA hardware running AJA drivers 10.3 and higher (Kona 3G, Kona 3, Kona LHe Plus, Kona LHi, IO Express, Io XT, T-Tap)
  • Blackmagic cards running the decklink drivers               

Other Features

  • Added support for Apple Retina Display MacBooks
  • Audio support has been added on the Mac - Some features require 10.7 or later
  • Support for audio samples rates > 64 KHz is now supported on the Mac


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