Avid FX - 6.2

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This document updates the changes made since the 4/12/2012 AvidFX release:

Avid FX 6.2 is an update to the Avid FX 6.0.6 release to the Avid FX 6.0.5 release to the Avid FX 6.0.4 release and to the Avid FX 6.0.3 release.
New Feature:

  • On Macintosh OS 10.7 the user now has the option to select a video codec for QuickTime movie export. The options are Animation, H.264, Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 4444.

Export Options MacOS 10.7

Note: On Macintosh OS 10.6 QuickTime movies are always exported with the Animation codec and the codec selection menu is not displayed.

The following bugs have been fixed since the prior release of Avid FX (April 12, 2012).

"Avid FX","27101","SPR 27101 - Woody - All OS - Project settings: Selecting any library browser preset will cause the custom project height to change to 480"

"Avid FX","27254","SPR 27254 - Woody - Mac - Style Palette: The styles are not appearing in their respective style palette tab"

"Avid FX","27257","SPR 27257 - Woody - Mac - Style Palette: Text and Font tabs should be removed and add in spline and brush tabs in the Style Palette window"

"Avid FX","27263","SPR 27263 - All Win - Project Settings: The project settings window does not open and gives a “Memory is low” error when you try to open it"

"Avid FX","27363","SPR 27363 - Woody - Mac only - Premiere CS5/5.5 - Project settings: When double-clicking to select a library browser preset, the host project settings will get override by the library browser preset "

"Avid FX","27432","SPR 27432 - x64 Windows - Woody - Win only - All Hosts - OpenGL: With OpenGL turned on and the library browser open, the composite will render all white when you apply out and back in UI "

"Avid FX","27191","SPR 27191 - Woody - Mac - standalone - Library Browser: crashes when you play the library preset in the previewer and then change the workspace"

"Avid FX","27197","SPR 27197 - Woody - All OS - standalone - Light filters: Light filters such as BCC Rays Puffy has a garbage string in the Look popup"

"Avid FX","27474","SPR 27474 - Woody - Win only - standalone - Export: Export is broken on 32 bit, display “Memory is low” error when trying to export"

"Avid FX","27504","SPR 27504 - Woody - MacIntel - standalone - Render Queue: Deleting the added comp in the render queue from a saved project will crash"

"Avid FX","27509","SPR 27509 - Woody - Mac - standalone - Export: Exporting with safe color and deflickering turned on will crash at the end of export"

"Avid FX","27519","SPR 27519 - Woody - Mac - standalone - Bin View: crashes when you select “The Reception.red” library browser preset while the project window is displaying the bin"


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