Sapphire 2019 is now available for all supported hosts, including Adobe, Avid, the Autodesk Flame family & many OFX hosts such as, but not exclusive to: Resolve, Fusion, NUKE, Baselight (versions 4.3 and 4.4 only), Mystika, Nucoda, Vegas Pro and Harmony.

Sapphire 2019 is the latest major upgrade for the legendary suite of VFX plug-ins. Key features of Sapphire 2019 include a revamped and enhanced Sapphire Lens Flare, complete with new professionally designed presets and an improved user interface for the Sapphire Flare Designer. In addition, there are brand new Sapphire effects and transitions like PixelSort and WhipLash. The Sapphire Effect and Transition Builder has also been improved with the addition of a new animating shape tool, which allows for the easy creation of hand drawn and vector based effects and transitions. The integrated Mocha tracking and masking has been greatly improved with several new features and overall performance increases, such as a new “essentials” workspace, a new magnetic spline tool, preset shapes for easier tracking and masking, and support for high-DPI and retina displays. The Sapphire Builder and Sapphire Lens Flare Designer now support outputting both the user interface and final output to external broadcast monitors. Finally, as with every major release, Sapphire 2019 has been optimized for maximum CPU and GPU performance, specifically with big improvements for Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. Scroll down for more information.



Sap phire Lens Flare Designer has been given a complete overhaul for the 2019 release. Motion graphic artists will love that Flare Designer is now capable of producing stunningly beautiful and artistic lens flares, while VFX artists will rejoice with the best collection of photorealistic flares available. Long a hallmark and much-loved feature of the Sapphire suite of visual effects, Sapphire Lens Flare Designer has been updated with a brand new and customizable user interface, new lens elements and components, additional functionality and capabilities, and new professional presets created by some of the best artists in the world.


Pixel sort is fantastic new Sapphire effect that grew from the modern “glitch art” movement. It’s a fun and modern way to distort your image in a multitude of different ways, such as rows, columns, radial lines, and even circular patterns. Sapphire Pixel Sort produces some stunning results when combined with other Sapphire effects, such as S_Distort or S_WarpWaves, inside of Sapphire Builder. Sapphire Pixel Sort also works fantastic as a transition.


Sapphire WhipLash is a “sister effect” to the most popular Sapphire transition, S_SwishPan, but has some amazing new functionality and features that will undoubtably make it the Sapphire transition of choice. At it’s core, S_Whiplash is a brand new transition that mimics a lighting quick camera pan that moves so quickly that the picture blurs into indistinct streaks, but that’s just the beginning. S_WhipLash has the ability to travel across multiple copies of itself to increase the distance of the whip, and features a nice soft bounce back at the end of the move. RGB separation blurs can be added for a different look and S_Whiplash can travel in any direction or angle as well as scaling up or down as well. Watch this short video to see what this new and extremely powerful Sapphire transition can accomplish.


The Sapphire Builder now features a brand new Animating Shape Tool, which allows for the creation of some new custom hand drawn transitions. Created by combining multiple Sapphire effects together and composited them all within the Builder, these new Sapphire Transitions ship with Sapphire 2019 as a part of the “Hand Drawn” preset collection, available exclusively for hosts that support the Sapphire Builder (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic Resolve, and Blackmagic Fusion).


The collection of Vector Transitions is also made possible by the brand new Animating Shape Tool available inside of Sapphire Builder. There retro wipes have made a big impact on the contemporary motion graphics scene and a fun and easy way to spice up an edit.. Created by combining multiple Sapphire effects together and composited them all within the Builder, these new Sapphire Transitions ship with Sapphire 2019 as a part of the “Vector Transitions” preset collection, available exclusively for hosts that support the Sapphire Builder (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic Resolve, and Blackmagic Fusion).


Sapphire 2019 features major improvements to the integrated Mocha tracking and masking, available within each Sapphire effects and separately as the S_Mocha spark (Autodesk only),

Sapphire 2019 features 4 new Mochas spline tools for masking and rotoscoping, all created to speed up shape creation and to save time. They include the new Magnetic Spline Tool with edge snapping, the new Freehand Spline Tool for fluid drawing, new Ellipse Shape Tool, and new Rectangle Shape Tool.

Editors and Artists will rejoice at the completely redesigned Mocha interface. The updated interface makes Mocha easier to learn than ever before and looks great on hi-res and retina enabled monitors! The Mocha Essentials Workspace brings the power of Mocha to novice level users with a simplified, elegant, and easy-to-learn interface. Tracking & masking is now faster by reducing complexity and focusing the Mocha interface on the most essential icons and tools. Switch to Classic for advanced modules and customize workspaces for flexibility.


Boris FX is proud to say Sapphire 2019 is the fastest version of Sapphire ever! Optimized for peak GPU acceleration from CUDA enabled NVIDIA cards, Blackmagic Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro CC users will see the greatest benefit from this across the board performance increase.


The Sapphire Flare Designer and Sapphire Effect and Transition Builder now include support for external broadcast monitor previews from the custom UI window. Currently supported hardware is Blackmagic and AJA.


The Best Lighting Effects

A long kept secret in the Hollywood feature film community, the Sapphire lighting package has been used in countless films, commercials, and television programs. It’s fast, beautiful, and stocked with many smart time-saving features that will leave your images looking beautiful in no time at all. Whether it’s glows, glints, lens flares, light rays, or glares, the Sapphire lighting package lives up to the hype.


Sapphire’s Effect and Transition Builder gives users the ability to browse and try out Sapphire effects with ease, enabling artists and editors to create their own custom effects and transitions. Builder ships with over 150 presets for creative and correctional purposes, so you can start using it right out of the box. Browse the new presets by effect name, genre, or featured artist. All new effects and transitions made with Builder can be saved as presets and shared across compatible hosts: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve

Learn more about Sapphire Builder.

Gorgeous Presets

There’s nothing harder than starting from a blank slate so Sapphire features over 3000 presets, many crafted by top notch artists and editors. With every release, brand new presets are added so there’s always something fresh to play with.

Flexible Pricing and Licensing Options

Sapphire offers a wide variety of convenient licensing options. Whether it’s breaking down the full suite into individually priced Sapphire Units, offering Sapphire subscriptions, or RLM server based “floating licenses”, Sapphire can fit into any budget. Learn more about Sapphire pricing or by contacting our Sales team here.

Must Have Effects


A favorite of the Hollywood crowd for decades, Sapphire Glow is one of the all-time legendary and most versatile effects. Whether you are looking to slightly alter the mood of a shot or dramatically change the lighting, the silky smooth subtleness of Sapphire Glow will always live up to the hype.

Check out the links below to learn why professionals love adding S_Glow to their work:

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Film Effect

Sapphire film effect began as a way to accurately emulate 35mm film for video, but fast-forward to the post production world of today and it’s now used as a multi-faceted color grading tool and plug-in. Packed with tons of amazing presets, editors and artists can quickly achieve dozens of different popular color treatments with Sapphire Film Effect.

Check out the links below to learn how professionals use S_FilmEffect to create stunning color treatments:

Why Adobe After Effects Artists Love S_FilmEffect

View our in-depth tutorial on Sapphire’s FilmEffect in Avid Media Composer


Shake holds it’s place amongst the most popular Sapphire effects because it’s versatility and ease of use. Whether used to emulate a documentary style hand-held camera shake or the magnitude of an earthquake-like effect, Shake’s deep parameter set allows it to adapt to any situation.

Watch the links below to see why professionals turn to S_Shake for adding adding camera shake to locked off footage:

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Lens Flare

Sapphire LensFlare gives you the ability to add photorealistic lens flares from a huge amount of presets or create them from scratch with the Sapphire Flare Designer, our own application for building feature film quality lens flares. Never adjust your F-stops or shine a light into your camera again!

Watch and learn why professionals across every industry choose S_LensFlare when it comes to adding some flare to their work.

Why Adobe Premiere Pro Editors Love S_LensFlare
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Vignette is a great example of a classic Sapphire effect. It helps you take a repetitive multi-click task and turn it into one step with increased flexibility and new functionality. But don’t take our word for it, check out how the profesionals use Sapphire Vignette in your host application of choice:

Why Adobe Premiere Pro Editors Love S_Vignette
Why Adobe After Effects Artists Love S_Vignette
Why Avid Media Composer Editors Love S_Vignette


Sapphire Works With:

  • Adobe After Effects (Builder compatible)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Builder compatible)
  • Avid Media Composer (Builder compatible)
  • Autodesk Flame Family
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve (Builder compatible, Mocha tracking available on Resolve Studio only)
  • Blackmagic Fusion
  • The Foundry NUKE
  • Vegas Pro Studio
  • Grass Valley Edius
  • Silhouette
  • Baselight (versions 4.3 and 4.4 only)
  • Toon Boom Harmony
  • Other OFX-compatible hosts

For compatibility with specific versions and operating systems, please see our Sapphire Compatibility Matrix.

Tech Specifications

  • Resolution independent - HD, 2K, Ultra HD, 4K, 8K, etc.
  • Floating point processing - All effects use full floating point processing for improved image quality and full 32-bit HDR support
  • 64-bit enabled - expanded memory capabilities
  • Multiprocessor support
  • GPU acceleration available for NVIDIA cards only. The latest NVIDIA CUDA card and driver is recommended.

Learn more about:
Sapphire for Autodesk
Sapphire for AVID
Sapphire for DaVinci Resolve
Sapphire for Nuke
Sapphire for OFX
Sapphire for Adobe Premiere Pro



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