Build color grades, damage looks, and other high-quality video treatments with the Sapphire Stylize Unit. Priced at $395.00 for a single, multi-host permanent license.


Highlighted Effects include:

FilmEffect - Make your video footage look like it was shot on film with realistic film exposure and processing looks.

FilmDamage - Give your video a nostalgic archival film look by adding many different damage elements.

TVDamage - Give your video a retro television look by applying a variety of transmission issues.

DigitalDamage - Add a glitchy, digital transmission error look to your videos.

ScanLines - Add a scan line pattern to your video to create a retro TV look.

BleachBypass - Simulate a film processing technique in which silver is not removed from the negative.

StripSlide - Cut your video into strips that slide off the screen to reveal a background image.

RomanTile - Add a slate textured mosaic overlay of hexagons or squares to your footage.

Brush - Transform your video footage into a stylish hand-painted work of art.

MuzzleFlash - Accurately simulate the flash and smoke of a variety of different caliber guns.

VintageColor2Strip - Simulate the warm vintage two-strip film process from the 1920s.

VintageColor3Strip - Simulate the color 3-strip film process from 1935 through 1955.

Grain - Add colored or black and white grain to give your video a shot-on-film look.

EdgeDetect - Create looks like chalk outlines, cartoons, or even neon lights.

Vignette - Adjust the border areas of your video to create a vignette effect.

See the list of all the effects included

Read the Sapphire Units FAQ here


Sapphire Stylize Unit is available for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, Nuke by The Foundry, and many more!


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