New camera technology delivers greater image detail seemingly everyday. Continuum’s Beauty Studio automatically removes wrinkles, reduces skin pores, and get rids of unwanted blemishes on your talent. Integrated Mocha tracking and masking tools give you ultimate control over your work area.

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Continuum’s Broadcast Safe is the easiest way to guarantee projects pass broadcast safe standards in any market. Pick your desired preset, render, and you’re done! Continuum’s soft knee approach to maintaining safe color and luma levels means you’ll never suffer from dreaded crushed highlights again.

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Fix field artifacts sometimes caused by digitizing tape-based media. Continuum’s Dropout Fixer isolates the exact frame housing the field artifact and replaces the damaged portion with data from a nearby field.

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Remove unwanted dust and scratches to help restore damaged archival footage to its glory. Use the built-in PixelChooser powered by Mocha’s planar tracking and spline masking system to isolate specific areas of your footage.

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Get rid of diagonal staircasing (aliasing or jaggies) in video or images affected by heavy DV compression, while maintaining the overall sharpness of the original image.

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Instantly eliminate camera or light flicker. Simply drag and drop Continuum’s Flicker Fixer onto your source clip to remove or reduce flickering.

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Quickly reduce or remove image distortion from video shot with wide angle or fisheye camera lenses. Includes a number of presets for GoPro footage. Continuum’s Lens Correction can also be used for straightforward perspective corrections.

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Continuum’s Magic Sharp plug-in is the best image enhancement tool available on the market. Get crystal clear results powered by the state-of-the-art algorithm that also keeps unwanted artifacts away. All this in a hardware accelerated plug-in that will run on any video card across all supported platforms and hosts.

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Isolate and remove a moving foreground object based on motion estimation. For example, use Continuum’s Motion Key to remove a moving car from a static exterior building shot and replace it with the buildings.

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Smooth out noise without losing detail. Continuum’s Noise Reduction plug-in compares each pixel with pixels surrounding its temporal and spatial neighborhood. The result blends pixels close in color to the pixel, while ignoring pixels distant in color.

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Sometimes you want shaky video, other times you don’t. Continuum’s Optical Stabilizer locks down or smooths camera movement without having to set and keyframe user-defined tracking points — perfect for those times you don’t have reliable point tracking data.

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Heavily-damaged or dirty camera sensors have nothing on Continuum’s Pixel Fixer. Bring back up to 10 dead/black pixels in one instance of the plug-in. Apply the plug-in an unlimited number of times to generate a perfect spot-free result.

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Need to edit iPhone footage into your project? Continuum’s Reframer helps integrate vertical video into HD or other common video formats. Effect options to treat the video include glow, blur, pixelate, and colorize.

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Continuum’s Remover eliminates small, unwanted elements from your video by cloning pixels from one user-defined section to another. Use the built-in PixelChooser with integrated Mocha planar tracking to gain greater control over the shape and motion tracking of your removal area.

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Take your video from SD to HD to 4K with maximum possible image quality. Continuum’s UpRez increases the resolution of source clips using advanced techniques to maintain and fine tune image details. Generate much higher-quality final results than with standard host upscaling. An indispensable tool for anyone working with archival footage in documentary post-production.

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Easily remove wires, rigs or other unwanted objects from video or stills. Continuum’s Wire Remover includes options for cloning from a user-defined source region to a user-defined destination or blending pixels together from areas surrounding the destination shape. Quickly tackle green screen footage before you key.

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  • On-screen control widgets
  • Professionally designed factory installed presets
  • Integrated FX Browser
  • Integrated PixelChooser matte and masking system
  • Support for Adobe host native mask shapes
  • Integrated Mocha masking and planar tracking system
  • Integrated Beat Reactor for audio generated VFX
  • Hardware acceleration (OpenGL/OpenCL)
  • Multi-processor (SMP) and multi-core (CMP) support


Product Name: Continuum Image Restoration Unit
Product Type: Native Interface Plug-Ins
Shipping Version: v11.03

Host Support:

Adobe After Effects CS5.5-CC 2018
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5-CC 2018
Avid Media Composer 6.5+
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12.5+
Vegas Pro 14+
The Foundry’s Nuke: Nuke 9+
Apple FCP X & Motion 5

For compatibility with specific versions and operating systems, please see our Continuum Compatibility Matrix.

Graphics Cards: We recommend that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application. A graphics card with a minimum of 1GB of RAM is required; 2GB of RAM is recommended.


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