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BCC Final Effects RED Graffiti FX
Shipping Version v10 v7 v5.6 v6 v10
Product Type Native Interface Plug-Ins Native Interface Plug-Ins Custom User Interface Custom User Interface Custom User Interface
Open CL Acceleration
OpenGL Acceleration
Multi-Processor Acceleration
Total Number of Filters 238 128 225 79 225
FX Browser
Custom User Interface with Timeline
Animation Graph View
Cross-platform Customizable Presets
Standalone Render Engine
Integrated Beat Reactor (Audio-driven Keyframes)
Integrated Mocha Tracker and Spline Masks
After Effects Camera and Light Integration
After Effects Spline Mask Integration
3rd-Party After Effects Filter Support
Built-in PDF Help Files for VFX Filters
2D & 3D Titling
3D Particle FX
Import and Extrude EPS Files
Integrated Pixel Chooser / Masking
Motion Tracking
Vector Paint System