A significant new release for tracking, roto and VFX.

  • PowerMesh: Mocha’s planar tracking engine now handles warped surfaces with speed and accuracy. PowerMesh sub-surface tracking drives warp stabilization, mesh warped roto-splines, and more. Export dense mesh tracking to many hosts with the new Alembic exporter.
  • AdjustTrack 2.0: Improved track editing takes the pain out of correcting the most difficult tracking shots.
  • Python Scripting: Powerful Python Script Editor is now included in the Mocha Pro plugin for flexible development.

Watch the Mocha 2021 What's New Overview


The next evolution of Mocha. PowerMesh enables a powerful new sub-planar tracking engine for VFX, roto and stabilization. Warped surface tracking and roto that sticks.

Track complex organic surfaces through occlusions and blur using Mocha’s intuitive layer based interface. Simple to use and faster than most optical flow based techniques.

Apply to source files for realistic match moves, convert to AE Nulls to drive motion graphics, render a mesh warped stabilize/reverse stabilize plate for compositing, or export dense tracking data to host applications.

Watch the Intro to Power Mesh tutorial

Alembic Workflows

PowerMesh dense tracking data can be exported to Adobe After Effects (via Nulls) or choose the new Alembic universal export to support Foundry NUKE, Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic Fusion and 3D applications like Cinema4D or Maya.

Watch workflow videos:

Improved AdjustTrack 2.0

Correcting slipping or drifting tracking errors is easier than ever before with the significantly improved AdjustTrack module. Use dynamic offset adjustments to achieve perfect results on the most difficult tracking shots. Watch Now.

Once limited to 4-point perspective fixes, AdjustTrack now includes all track parameters to be more effective in editing data — when objects go off-screen, or become occluded by foreground objects.

Adjusted track data can be exported to a wide variety of hosts (see chart) or used internally to drive rotoscoping and advanced tasks such as object removal and image stabilization.

Python Script Editor

Professional broadcast, post-production, and visual effects companies rely on adaptable tools to fit into custom pipelines and workflows. Use Mocha Pro’s Python Script Editor to create custom tools, batch process layers, or even integrate with asset management tools such as Shotgun or FTrack.

Mocha Pro 2021 adds Python Scripting to the Mocha Pro plugin, creating full feature parity with the Mocha Pro standalone application. Learn More

View Python Documentation
Find Mocha Python Scripts on GitHub


  • Improved Planar Tracking, Up to 4x Faster Motion Blur Rendering and more new features.
  • New Autodesk Flame Gmask Tracer: export roto and tracking directly to Gmask Tracer nodes with axis transformations
  • Improved Media support. New Gstreamer media engine in standalone application improves file reading. Formats such as AVCHD and MXF that were previously unsupported are now supported to read properly, including ProRes support on Windows and Linux. Updated Red Camera support.
  • Updated OpenColorIO color management include streamlined viewer settings, new preference tab and improved workflow for both standalone and plug-in.
  • Mega Plate module: use planar tracking and temporal frame analysis to create extended stitched frames for advanced effects and clean up tasks
  • Area Brush: dynamic new paint tool with Quick Mask mode for fast creation of tracking and masking layers. Now improved with Gap Fill and keyboard shortcuts.

Release Notes


Mocha Pro supports OpenColorIO color management for consistent and predictable color display across industry workflows. Version 2020.5 now introduces major improvements to Mocha’s OCIO workflow.

OCIO support is compatible with the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) and enables improved color-managed workflows with high-end post-production and VFX applications such as Silhouette, Foundry’s NUKE, Autodesk Flame, Avid Media Composer, and more.


Mocha Pro 2020.5 adds a new export format to better support Autodesk Flame artists. Mocha Pro can export directly to Gmask Tracer nodes with separated axis transformations for more control. For Autodesk Flame, the Mocha Pro OFX plug-in can be run from within Flame on macOS and Linux, enabling a complementary workflow for tracking and masking.


  • Mega Plates: a unique new module generates larger-than raster image stitch based on planar tracking and temporal frame analysis
  • Area Brush: new paint tool for simple creation of tracking and masking layers
  • OpenColorIO: color management for high-end VFX and finishing workflows.
  • Python 3 Support: Mocha now uses Python 3.7
  • Updated Python API: New tools to modify and create keyframes, along with a streamlined parameter system.


Mega Plate is a unique new module building on Mocha’s most powerful core technologies; planar tracking and temporal frame analysis to create a stitched extended frame for visual effects tasks.

Working with Mega Plates is a new way to visualize and work on a larger than raster “Mega” canvas for common VFX tasks such as object removal, clean plating, sky replacements, matte painting, and set extensions. A rendered Mega Plate can be saved for Mocha's Remove Module or exported with tracking data for advanced effects and clean up in Foundry NUKE, Adobe After Effects, Blackmagic Fusion or other VFX applications.


Area Brush is a paint tool designed to speed up Mocha’s most repetitive task: the creation of tracking and masking layers. Area Brush with Quick Mask mode brings gestural paint functionality into Mocha to define planar tracking and masking search areas. Instead of clicking and dragging spline points, add and subtract paint strokes are converted to vector splines greatly speeding up tracking and masking tasks.


  • Autodesk Flame 2020 Support: Mocha Pro is now available as an OFX plug-in for Flame 2020 artists. Mocha Pro can now be launched from within the Flame interface for a streamlined workflow.
  • Edge-Snapping On Splines: Speed up roto and masking tasks with spline edge-snapping. A complement to Mocha’s magnetic spline tool, spline edges can snap and animate over time to reduce manual keyframes.
  • Layout Manager: Save, modify, and order custom layouts. New layouts will appear in the workspace dropdown and assigned keyboard shortcuts.
  • New After Effects Power Pin Format: For screen inserts, AE users can now export Mocha’s planar tracking in the CC Power Pin format for high quality rendering with motion blur.
  • Spline and Matte Rendering Performance Improvements: Projects with many layers or control points now render faster to screen. Mattes also render faster.
  • Autosave Backups: Autosaves now include iterated history to ensure minimal work is lost. Autosaves are no longer removed on exit from the host. Users can define the location and the number of backups in preferences.


  • New Mocha Essentials Workspace with streamlined user interface. View
  • GPU Accelerated Object Removal delivering 4-5x times faster rendering. View
  • New Spline Creation Tools: Magnetic Spline with edge snapping, Freehand Spline Tool, Ellipse and Rectangle Tools. View
  • Retina/High DPI Monitor Resolution support
  • Mocha Pro and Mocha VR features are now combined into one product making Mocha Pro 2019 the single most versatile tracking, masking and VFX application for HD, 4K and stereoscopic 360° video.
  • Mocha is now officially part of the Boris FX U&S (Upgrade & Support) plan and moving to a yearly release cycle.


360/VR Post-Production Toolkit

  • Compositing and Effects Tools for 360° Video Footage
  • Customized Workspace for Equirectangular (Lat/Long) & 360° (Rectilinear) Effects & Finishing
  • Native 360° Planar Motion Tracking with GPU Acceleration
  • Native 360° Shape Creation Tools for Advanced Roto & Masking
  • Object Removal Module for Rig Removal & Nadir Patching
  • Horizon Stabilization & Reorient Module for Image Stabilization
  • Lens Distort Workflow for Quick 360° Post Tasks
  • Includes full Mocha Pro 5 feature set for non-360 projects
  • Standalone Application & Plug-in Option for Adobe, Avid & OFX

Mocha VR was first released as a separate product, but all features are now included in Mocha Pro. View all 360/VR videos


  • New Mocha Pro plug-in: Supporting Adobe, Avid and OFX hosts
  • GPU accelerated Planar Tracking
  • Improved project format: Faster Save & Load
  • Improved license system (allows users to activate & deactivate license)
  • Integrated Python Module with scripting interface

New Export Formats:

  • Export Mocha roto shapes to Blackmagic Fusion
  • Batch export mocha roto shapes to Autodesk Flame Gmask
  • Import & export roto projects to Silhouette
  • Export tracking, roto & 3D camera to MochaBlend plug-in for Maxon C4D
  • Export planar tracking data to HitFilm 4 Pro
Release Notes


  • New Stereoscopic 3D workflow: adds unique stereo support to planar tracking, rotoscoping, object removal and 3D camera solving. It also adds the capability to work on uncorrected, native stereo 3D footage.
  • Python scripting support allows facilities to further customize their workflows, integrating Mocha Pro 4 deeper into the visual effects production pipe.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • New exports and format handling includes support for Adobe Premiere Pro masks, Nuke 7 Tracker export and improved Nuke Roto exports. Version 4 also improves QuickTime and MPEG support.

Release Notes