Boris Continuum Complete Delivers 3D Titling to Sony Vegas Pro 10

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New Boris Continuum Complete v7.0.3 for Vegas Pro Includes 13 New Filters

Marlborough MA - November 29, 2010 - Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, today announced that Boris Continuum Complete v7.0.3 for Sony Vegas Pro is now available. The new Version 7.0.3 release features 3D Objects filters - BCC Extruded Text, BCC Type-On Text, BCC Layer Deformer, BCC Extruded EPS, and BCC Extruded Spline - delivering 3D extrusion capabilities to the Sony Vegas Pro 10 timeline.

What's New in Boris Continuum Complete v7.0.3 for Sony Vegas Pro

  • BCC Extruded Text - OpenGL-accelerated 3D text generator with built-in 3D shatters and a warp deformer. Multiple 3D materials can be created from external image files featuring texture and bump maps as well as reflections. Each material can be individually saved as a preset and applied to the front, back, bevel, or extrusion surface of the text object. The text object can be further deformed and animated with a number of innovative deformers such as Bend, Taper, Twist, Shatter, Ripple, Pulse, or Curl.
  • BCC BCC Type-On Text - 3D extruded text can be animated in true 3D space in a type-on or type-off fashion with each letter precisely interacting with the rest of the text in 3D. All 3D properties of the BCC Extruded Text filter are available in the Type-On effect.
  • BCC Layer Deformer - warp any 2D layer in 3D space with built-in 3D shatters and bend deformers. Create 3D shapes such as fully or partially wrapped spheres and cylinders with multiple layers mapped onto the surfaces.
  • BCC Extruded EPS - provides an easy way to import and extrude Adobe Illustrator layered vector logos and graphics inside Sony Vegas Pro.
  • BCC Extruded Spline - based on built-in primitives such as a medallion or heart. Create 3D extruded objects fully-modeled with bevels and spline-based extrusion profiles.
  • BCC Optical Stabilizer - analyzes a shaky clip and adjusts the track's position to compensate. Unlike other stabilizing tools, BCC Optical Stabilizer does not require user-defined tracking points. This allows users to stabilize images where tracking data is unreliable. Users can also stabilize just a portion of a track to correct isolated camera bumps.
  • New Distortion and Perspective Filters include BCC 3D Image Shatter, BCC Cylinder, BCC DVE, BCC DVE Basic, BCC Page Turn, and BCC Sphere Transition.

BCC v7.0.3 for Vegas Pro is a free update for BCC v7.x for Vegas Pro users. The v7.0.3 update is available for download from the Boris FX web site at

About Boris FX

Founded in 1995, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for broadcast, post-production, film, and multimedia. Boris products have grown to serve millions of artists worldwide. The company's success lies in its ability to integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading developers such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Grass Valley, and Sony.


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