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July 10, 2012
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Our new video is here, and if you ever wanted to know a good reason to upgrade, this should let you know the ins and outs about what exactly mocha Pro is and what tools this amazing piece of software puts at your fingertips. If you don’t like watching videos, if you like reading, or if you’re at work, you can check out the article below for more information!

So I often have artists that have mocha for AE ask me what is so great about mocha Pro and why I use it or why upgrade if they already have mocha AE? Well, honestly, I use it because it makes sense financially and because it has spoiled me. And here’s why: The Planar tracker might be the same between mocha AE and mocha Pro, but what mocha Pro does with that planar data isn’t. mocha Pro has the lens tool, the insert tool, the remove tool, mocha Pro exports splines, corner pins, tracker points, and FBX data to every package you need it to, mocha Pro renders mattes with motion blur, splits roto projects up among multiple artists, and even has a stabilize tool with auto fill. mocha for after effects, while being an amazing tool that saves you killer amounts of time, handles tracking and roto for After Effects only.

Lets talk a little business.

If you think you’re saving money by not upgrading to mocha Pro, think again. As an artist, I hate talking about money, but it’s definitely a necessary part of the freelancing and professional process. Lets say you think you save yourself money by not buying mocha Pro and sticking with your “free” version of mocha for AE that ships with Adobe After Effects. Without the extra addition of mocha Pro’s automated processes, you actually spend a little more time on a project because you couldn’t render mattes, motion blur, inserts, or removes right out of mocha Pro instantly. Lets say you do that for two months. The amount of productivity you lose becomes a concern. You are still doing projects faster because you are using our amazing planar tracker in both mocha AE and mocha Pro, but how much money do you leave on the table because you could have gotten more projects done in that same amount of time if you were using Pro? Download a trial of mocha Pro and find out

How much do you value your time?

Every hour of overtime is an hour that eats something more valuable than the work hours in your life. Overtime eats your personal hours. Your hours you’d otherwise spend with your significant other, or your kids if you have them, or your pets if you have them, or even just your plain old hours playing video games or whatever your hobbies may be.

I value my time a lot, so hence why mocha Pro has spoiled me. And I want it to spoil you. SO lets talk about the modules that make mocha Pro worth your time.

Mocha Pro has dedicated roto tools for efficiency

You can still rotoscope in half the time in both Mocha for AE and Mocha Pro, however the added bonus of Mocha Pro is that you can take that roto and you can export it to everything, including proprietary software than can read black and white mattes. In Mocha AE you can only move your roto splines and tracking data to After Effects. In Mocha Pro you can export to combustion, shake, nuke, flame, ae, and final cut. As well as anything that can read those formats, like shake formats, for instance. Mocha Pro also can render out your roto shapes with motion blur and feathering. And you can merge projects so that you can split roto shots up between more than one artist.

And even if you don’t upgrade to Pro, even though I think you really should, upgrading to V3 will give you a host of new roto tools like the transform tool, new layering tools (like groups and multiple selection), the join layers tool (which joins roto shapes together by parenting their points together), and the dope sheet (which gives you much more control over your keyframes).

Mocha Pro uses the planar tracker to give you an excellent screen insert tool!

The planar tracker inside Mocha is a unique planar tracker, not a camera tracker or a point tracker with a 2d cards. That means we analyze the motion of the pixels in our splines inside Mocha and give you match move data based on that information, which means we hang on more accurately than feature and point trackers. And while both Mocha AE and Mocha Pro share the same planar tracker, the things you can do with that data in Mocha Pro save you tons of time. Like the insert tool. With Mocha Pro’s insert tool, messing around with difficult corner pins becomes a thing of the past. Simply track your screen, align your surface tool, click over to the insert tool to adjust your options, and render out a comp-ready screen insert with it’s own alpha channel and motion blur already rendered and ready to drop into whatever compositing tool you like to use, be it nuke, ae, fusion, or even things like final cut and avid.

Mocha Pro feeds out 3D Solver into any 3D program that can read generic FBXs

For years we heard our customers ask how to get our 2.5D planar data into a 3D space. We heard you guys loud and clear. So we spent tons of dev time making it happen for you, in fact, mocha Pro V3 is our largest release in years. With mocha’s new 3D camera solver, you can solve for 3D cameras in both mocha AE and mocha Pro, but where mocha AE allows you to export for After Effects, mocha Pro lets you export an FBX that can be used in any 3D software, like nuke, maya, xsi, max, and cinema 4D. So you can take your shots to the next level with only a little bit of trackable data. Simply track one plane for fixed cameras and two non-coplanar planes for moving cameras and solve your planar data in 3D space. You can then attach a 3D object to any null created by mocha’s planar data and the object will move inside the shot like it was shot in camera.

mocha Pro has the Remove Module

This is by far my favorite module, as making cleanplates has always been a huge amount of work. Do you have a boom mike in the shot because the sound guy’s arms were getting tired? What about the b roll camera guy or a random spectator wandering into your shot? It’s easy to remove problems like this by simply garbage matting the object you want to remove, tracking the background, and erasing the object from the scene. Mocha Pro is also great for beauty work, as with just a simple cleanplate and a good track you can remove blemishes from your talent like some kind of black magic voodoo magician. Anything you need tracking to paint out, mocha can assist you, and because our tracker is so powerful, we can help you cut your task down to size.

And that’s what it’s all about!

At the end of the day, fix it in post has become a widespread notion, technology and technology labor are both cheaper than they’ve ever been, competition is fierce, and it’s up to you to decide how much time you’re willing to spend on a single project and how much your time is worth. You can easily upgrade on our onlione store: webshop.imagineersystems.com

A standalone license of mocha Pro is $1,495 without previously owning any of our software. We at imagineer systems value your loyalty, so upgrade costs are minimal compared to list price, and upgrading from mocha AE or a previous version of our software will net you anywhere from $700-$1000 off list price. For instance, upgrading to Pro from the free version of mocha AE that ships with After Effects is $795. That’s an incredible savings, and not one you’re going to want to pass up.

And if you’re still unsure about upgrading, price this amazing tool into the quote of your next job and have your client build your toolbox. Or you can check out B and H http://www.bhphotovideo.com/ as they have a deal on No payments, No interest if paid in full in 6 Months. It’s worth checking out! Especially if you’re a freelancer on a budget! As usual, if you have any questions or comments, let us know! Cheers, guys! Mary


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