Version 2.6 now released for mocha, mocha Pro and mocha AE! Improved Nuke support, faster tracking on Windows & more.

May 19, 2011
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Imagineer Systems Releases Newest Version of Award-Winning Planar Tracking Tools, mocha, mocha Pro and mocha AE; Delivers Improved Nuke Support, Optimized for Faster Performance on Windows Platform

New Mocha Family v2.6 Continues Improvements on VFX and Stereo Conversion Workflow, Nuke Roto Exports Now Support 1:1 Key Frame Relationship for Greater Flexibility

GUILDFORD, UK (May 20, 2011) — Imagineer Systems today announced it has launched a new point release for itsMocha family of powerful, standalone 64-bit tracking and roto tools built on its award winning Planar Tracker™.  With this new point release, MochaMocha AE and Mocha Pro v2.6 now features more powerful and flexible roto export features for Nuke artists, significantly improved performance on the Windows platform, and a number of additional performance optimization and stability improvements.  As a result of these new features, Mochaartists can export Mocha roto shapes directly to Nuke v6.2 with a 1:1 keyframe relationship, allowing significantly greater editing control within Nuke.

Imagineer Systems works closely with customers to identify opportunities for enhanced performance and workflow flexibility and speed, resulting in mocha v2.6. In addition to providing VFX artists significant time savings and more streamlined workflows, the new feature enhancements in mocha v2.6 also support the increasing worldwide demand for efficient and tightly integrated solutions for 2D-3D stereo conversion workflows and visual effects productions.  As well, After Effects artists will see measurable performance benefits from significantly faster planar tracking in exports in mocha AE running on Windows.

Based in Los Angeles and Mumbai, Imagineer customer ICO VFX has built a pipeline based around Mocha andMocha Pro for their high quality feature film stereo conversion workflow.   ICO VFX has already taken advantage of the new enhancements in mocha and mocha Pro v2.6 and had this to say about what they’ve found:

“ICO VFX has already incorporated Mocha v2.6 into our stereo conversion pipeline with great results.  The improved Nuke roto export has made our process much more efficient, as have tracking speed increases,” said Chris Holmes, CEO, ICO VFX.

What’s New in mocha V2.6
Imagineer Systems has incorporated a number of powerful new enhancements in the newest version of mocha, including:

  • Nuke Roto Export Improvements: mocha v2.6 now supports a 1:1 keyframe relationship between mocha and Nuke 6.2 roto keyframe
  • Tracking on Windows Speed Improvements: mocha v2.6 now delivers multiprocessing optimization on Windows operating systems resulting in faster tracking speeds
  • New SSF Batch Export Feature: mocha v2.6 now offers the ability to batch export multiple roto layers in popular Shake .SSF format.
  • Project Save and Load Speed Improvements: mocha v2.6 delivers performance and speed improvements designed to accelerate the entire workflow
  • Improved After Effects tracking export.
  • General Stability Fixes: Imagineer continues to bolster overall application stability to ensure smooth, stress-free workflows.

Pricing and Availability
The new release of mocha v2.6  is available immediately and is priced as follows:

Mocha v2.6
Single user, nodelocked license list price: $1095  (£685, €790)
Upgrade from any Imagineer product: $499 (£310, €360)

Mocha Pro v2.6

Single seat nodelocked: $1,495

single floating license: $1,695

3 pack floating license: $4,495

5 pack floating license: $7,475

Mocha AE v2.6
$100 off single user nodelocked license: $149

The mocha v2.6 family is available as a free upgrade to all customers with a valid mocha v2.x, mocha Pro v2.x , and mocha AE v2.5 license or valid support contract.

Cross platform, floating licenses also available.


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