The ABCs of Boris Continuum Complete: A is for Art Looks

August 21, 2012

A is for Art Looks

Jeremiah Hall received a few questions regarding his recent Boris Continuum Complete review . One person wanted to know what the most useful filter was. Another person wanted to know what other effects were in the collection. Jeremiah wrote a follow-up article to begin to address these questions:

"Filters are dependent on the project. I may never find a pencil sketching filter useful, until a client asks me to make their video look like the video for a-ha's classic Take On Me . Then that filter becomes indispensable. As for me personally, I've used several of the Boris Continuum Complete 8 filters from the Film Style group and the Image Restoration group in recent projects. I've also really liked the filters in the Keys and Blend group, especially the BCC Matte Choker and BCC Matte Cleanup filters.

Now to the second question, what filters are in BCC 8? I could make a long long list (there are around 200 filters in the collection). Since the filters in BCC 8 are in new groupings by function, such as Keys and Blends, Transitions, etc., I thought I'd choose one group and show an example frame for each filter, along with a brief description of some of the parameters. Let's do 'A' for Art Looks."

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