Summer Sale: Major Savings for Boris Red & BCC Owners

July 11, 2016

Boris FX Summer Sale 2016

Summer Sale! A special cross-grade promotion for owners of Red and Continuum Complete. Boris FX is now offering limited discounted options to add new plug-ins and creative tools to your suite. 

BCC 10 Cross-Grade from Red - 40% off

mocha Pro 5 Cross-Grade for BCC owners - 25% off

Boris Box Set Cross-Grade for BCC owners - 25% off

Sale ends midnight on August 30, 2016. Questions? Please contact us !

Boris Box Set - Contains all the Boris FX & Imagineer tools in one low cost bundle with multi-host support! Existing BCC owners can add mocha Pro, Final Effects and Red for 25% off the cross grade price. Adds hundreds of plug-ins, thousands of presets, plus the world's most powerful tracking and masking tools at massive savings!

Boris Box Set Cross-Grade from BCC*

Avid/Adobe/Apple/OFX Option: 

Sale price: $971.25

Adobe/Apple/OFX Option: 

Sale price: $746.25

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* Note: To qualify, user must own BCC v8 or higher license. Purchasers must show valid proof of previous purchase. 

Boris Continuum Complete 10 - Owners of Boris Red can now cross-grade to the award-winning BCC 10 release for a limited 40% discount. BCC 10 brings new professional tools for motion graphics, editing and finishing tasks including: Title Studio, Beauty Studio, integrated mocha masking and more.


Red to BCC 10 Cross Grade from Red*

Multi-Host Option:

Sale price: $997.50

Avid Option: 

Sale price: $847.50

Adobe Option: 

Sale price: $497.50

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* Note: To qualify, user must have a paid version of Boris Red. Purchasers must show valid proof of previous purchase. Avid FX does not apply for discount. 

mocha Pro 5  - For a limited time, owners of BCC can take 25% off the new mocha Pro 5 plug-in. mocha Pro adds advanced effects tools for motion tracking, masking, screen inserts, stabilization and object removals. This powerful software was recognized with an Academy Award... what are you waiting for? 

mocha Pro 5

mocha Pro 5 Cross Grade from BCC*

Multi-Host Plug-in Option:

Sale price: $746.25

Avid or Adobe Option: 

Sale price: $521.25

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* Note: To qualify, user must own BCC v8 or higher license. Purchasers must show valid proof of previous purchase. 



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