Save 50% on BCC 3D Objects

October 9, 2013

Save 50% off BCC 3D Objects

Offer expires 10/31.

Whether you’re watching a tv show, a commercial or a movie, 3D objects are everywhere.

Take your titling, logos, and graphics to the next level. BCC 3D Objects delivers what your clients want with five powerful filters.

Extruded EPS – Import & extrude AI layered vector logos and graphics into Adobe AE.

Extruded Text – Your text in stunning 3D. Integrated with AE native camera and lighting to generate fly-throughs.

Extruded Spline – Generate & extrude shapes from AE-generated mask shapes, shapes using AE pen path tool, and vector art from AI.

Layer Deformer – Deform, extrude, and shatter any layer in 3D space.

Type-on Text – Create animated text type-ons (letter-by-letter, word-by-word, line-by-line).

Get yours today for only $149.50!
(Regularly priced $299)

* Not available for Avid


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