Pro Video Coalation’s Kevin McAuliffe names mocha Pro to top 10 list of 2010

December 15, 2010
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Ten Editing “Must Own’s” of 2010

If you’re an editor, here’s the first of ten products that you NEED to have!

2010 has been another years of wonders and blunders, but there are some products out there that if you own an editing/motion graphics/compositing system, you simply NEED to have these products to not only create great looking work, but to make your life easier.  I thought I’d break this down into a year end countdown, and remember, these products are not in any particular order, as comparing them is like comparing apples and elephants, so let’s get started!


One thing that always makes me laugh is when I see After Effects users messing around with the Motion Tracker that is built into After Effects, trying to get a half decent looking track.  First words out of my mouth are always, “Why don’t you use Mocha?”, and their response is normally “This one works good enough”, which to me means “I don’t know how to use it, so I’ll settle for AE’s included motion tracker”.  Listen everyone, THERE’S A REASON THAT MOCHA IS INCLUDED IN AFTER EFFECTS, and it’s the same reason that Keylight is included.  The standard effect just doesn’t cut it, and Adobe has more important things to focus on inside of After Effects, so they have included a top of the line product to get the job done, and for tracking, there is no one better than Imagineer Systems’ Mocha (in case you didn’t know, you can find it in your After Effects CS5 folder).

Now, I know most Mocha AE users will say “Why do I need to get Mocha Pro, Mocha AE works fine.”, and yes, Mocha AE is an excellent product, but these days as we wear the hats of editors/motion graphic designers/trackers/rotoscopers, we need ONE tool that will let us do everything we could need to in the 2D world for tracking AND rotoscoping, and that is where Mocha Pro comes in.  Previously, Imagineer Systems had given us many options to choose from.  We had Mokey (removal of wires, rigs, logos, faces, etc), Monet (tracking and compositing) and Motor (rotoscoping).  Now, we have Mocha Pro that combines all of those products into one standalone application, and that’s important to remember,  Mocha AE and Mocha FCP are designed to be tethered to those two applications.  Mocha Pro is designed to be standalone, and a one stop shop for all your tracking, roto and compositing needs.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not designed to replace After Effects, but there are some jobs that After Effects shouldn’t do, and tracking is one of them.  For that, you have Mocha Pro.  I use Mocha easily a few times a week, and it’s gotten me out of jams that would have had many motion graphic designers pulling all nighters.  I’m going to have a full review of Mocha pro soon.  For now, check out the new features video below, download the free demo and check out Mocha Pro.  You won’t be disappointed.

Kevin P McAuliffe is a Senior Editor at MIJO, in Toronto, Canada.  As always, you can send him an e-mail or follow him on Twitter @ .

FTC Disclosure: I have not been offered any consideration or compensation from Imagineer Systems for the review/editorial of this product(s).


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