Post Magazine’s Barry Goch reviews mocha Pro v3.1

July 1, 2013
tags: Mocha, News

The following excerpts were published in a mocha Pro product review in Post Magazine’s June 2013 issue.

“I’ve always have done a fair amount of tracking as part of my job as a finishing artist. However, there have been shots that I haven’t been able to nail, even with the tracker in Autodesk Smoke. Many times I’ve come up against shots that I couldn’t do or had to hand track to get that last bit to work. Recently, I was lucky enough to givemocha Pro a whirl, and all that struggling with problematic tracks is over!”

“…mocha is great for these types of quick fixes, but it has even more under the hood. It does magic with stabilization, creating clean plates, helps automate roto by attaching roto shapes to the planar tracks, and in V.3 they introduced a 3D camera solver for After Effects and FBX. mocha Pro now also features lens distortion/rectification tools. I will add mocha to my bag of tricks!

- Barry Goch, Post Magazine. June 2013
Barry Goch is a DI Editor at Modern VideoFilm in Santa Monica.

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