Partnering with Boris FX

Our team of product specialists and developers have a proven track record in building visual effects and post-production software solutions. Currently, our core Mocha technology is available for licensing in the form of the Mocha Planar Tracking SDK (software developers kit). Additionally, we offer custom engineering development, software design, and enterprise solutions. For more information, please contact us.

The following companies have partnered with Boris FX on technology licensing, software bundles or custom development services.

Adobe-Logo Adobe Systems has licensed Mocha AE since 2007 and bundles this software within Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud. Recently, our team worked closely with the Adobe team to add Mocha mask support to Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
CoreMelt develops plug-ins for the editing market. Currently CoreMelt licenses our SDK and markets SliceX, TrackX & DriveX: Mocha powered plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X
FXHOME-logo FXHome specializes in imaging and visual effects products for film makers and photographers. Currently FXHome licenses mocha HitFilm and bundles this software within HitFilm 2 Ultimate.
Legend_logo Legend3D is a leading stereoscopic and visual effects company. We have been commissioned by Legend to deliver custom software development and enterprise license deployment.
MirriAd Mirriad Native In-Video Advertising for the Skip Generation. Mirriad licenses technology from Boris FX as part of their leading product placement and brand integration platform.
SFX-Logo Silhouette FX licenses the planar tracker SDK and currently include an integrated Mocha module in the most recent version SFX v5 paint and effects software.
Quantel licenses the planar tracker SDK and currently include an integrated Mocha module in color grading and stereo 3D finishing systems: Pablo and Pablo Rio.


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