Now shipping: BCC 10 for OFX (Resolve & Sony Vegas Pro)

April 15, 2016
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Boris Continuum Complete 10 for OFX

Boris Continuum Complete 10 for OFX is our largest plug-in release for OFX hosts to date! BCC 10 for OFX is available now with support for DaVinci Resolve and Sony Vegas Pro. More OFX hosts coming soon. Explore major new effects and filters below.


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NEW! BCC 10 for OFX:

  • Beauty Studio - A state-of-the-art skin retouching and digital makeup tool to make your talent look perfect without losing clarity and detail.
  • Title Studio - The next generation of 2D/3D titling and motion graphics tool for designing and animating at any resolution. Import Photoshop, Illustrator files and Maxon Cinema 4D models. 
  • New Image Restoration Tools:  
    • BCC Remover fills in missing pixels & removes objects with clone and auto-fill options. 
    • BCC Dropout Fixer restores tape based damaged footage with field dropouts.
    • BCC Reframe reformat and stylize "vertical cell phone footage" into 16 x 9 for broadcast.
  • New Effects:  
    • BCC Light Leaks adds organic & naturalistic "in-camera" light and exposure effects.
    • BCC Video Glitch recreates the distressed look of compression artifacts, signal loss & corrupt digital video.
  • New Transitions: 
    • BCC Cross Glitch mimics abrupt digital signal transitions.
    • BCC Cross Melt conveys a new organic look and feel.
    • BCC Lights Leak Dissolve creates a light exposure-based transition.
    • BCC Cross Zoom combines zoom, glow, and dissolve into one simple transition.
  • mocha's Academy award-winning planar tracking & masking tools are integrated into the BCC 10 PixelChooser. Now editors can access mocha without leaving the timeline or importing footage.*

(Please note: mocha integration is currently not supported in the initial BCC 10 for OFX release. It will be supported in a free point release coming soon!)

BCC 10: Watch Quick Look Videos

Purchase/Upgrade Pricing

  • BCC 10 for OFX: $695 
  • Upgrade - BCC 10 for OFX: $195 (Upgrade from BCC 8 or 9)

NEW! Multi-Host & Subscription Options:

  • BCC 10 Multi-Host License I -  $1995  (Avid, Adobe, OFX, Apple)
  • BCC 10 Multi-Host License I Upgrade - $695 (Avid, Adobe, OFX, Apple)
  • BCC 10 Multi-Host License II -  $1295 (Adobe, OFX, Apple)
  • BCC 10 Multi-Host License II Upgrade - $495 (Adobe, OFX, Apple)
  • BCC Multi-Host Annual Subscription $595 (Avid, Adobe, Apple, OFX) (one low yearly price!)

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Don't use OFX? BCC 10 for Avid & Adobe is also available. OFX hosts such as Fusion and NUKE coming soon!


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