New Release for Adobe Users: BCC 10.0.1

March 7, 2016

Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.1  is an important update for Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro users and includes significant feature enhancements and many bug fixes.

This is a free update for all owners of BCC 10 for Adobe.

Point Release Highlights

  • General Enhancements:
    • FX Browser playback performance optimization in the 3D Objects category.
    • Support for OpenCL optimization on older Mac laptops with NVIDIA graphics.
    • Enhanced reliability across all OpenCL optimized effects.
    • Hide Disabled Parameters added to Preferences to control whether disabled params are completely hidden.
    • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Filter Enhancements:
    • BCC Beauty Studio - OpenCL refinements yielding additional 1.3x - 2x performance improvement.
    • BCC Light Leaks Dissolve - 45 new presets.
    • 3D Objects Category - New Constant Scale option allowing greater control over bevels as Extrusion Depth changes.
    • Fast Film Glow - New Avoid Clipping control to enable glows to expand past image boundaries without clipping along the edges.
  • Title Studio Enhancements:
    • Render performance optimization - e.g. Credit Rolls render up to 1.5x faster.
    • Many new text animation and countdown templates.
    • Support for tab stops in imported RTF text files.
    • Extrusion Styles now scale with text point size for easy workflow.
    • More accurate Motion Blur.
    • Presets arranged thematically in subfolders for easier navigation.
    • New Countdown generator for simple countdown animations.
    • New Fixed Width option in Numbers generator for stable animation.
    • Improved Preview To RAM feature.
    • Improved Cinema 4D format support.
  • PixelChooser Enhancements:
    • mocha performance optimization on Mac - mask rendering speed improved 1.4x.
    • mocha improvements to trimmed clip handling in AE and Premiere.
    • New OpenCL optimized edge-preserving PreSmoothing option in the PixelChooser Matte group to enable creating cleaner HSL isolations and Luma/Channel mattes.
    • HSL Key - Full OpenCL acceleration yielding 2-2.5x improvement in key rendering performance.
    • HSL Key - Improved quality (less noisy) in regions with low saturation.
    • HUD overlay widgets for Egg Shape masks.
Also included with BCC 10.0.1 AE  are new Title Studio templates including callouts and clocks & countdowns: 


In the brief tutorial below, Vin Morreale shows Premiere Pro users how to quickly apply and tweak callouts.


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