New: OrientWorld AE Script from MamoWorld Works with mocha v3 Camera Solver

October 26, 2012
tags: Mocha, News

New from Mamoworld: Orient World

OrientWorld is a new Adobe After Effects script that improves the workflow for After Effects users using 3D camera trackers. OrientWorld works with both the After Effects CS6 Camera Tracker and the 3D Camera Solve Module found in mocha AE v3 and mocha Pro v3.

Features: In scenes tracked with AE’s 3D camera tracker, the ground plane of your scene can end up as an oblique plane in 3D space. Orient World fixes this – with a single click you turn a layer into the ground plane of your scene and orient everything accordingly. Instead of setting a ground plane, you can also align your scene on walls. To tweak it even further, you can move, rotate and scale your coordinate system manually in 3D space.Furthermore, Orient World offers an intuitive visualization of the coordinate system such that you always know where the center of your world is located.

To learn how OrientWorld assists mocha v3‘s Camera Solver, watch the tutorial.

To download OrientWorld and more useful scripts from Mamowrold, go to:


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