New mocha v3.2 point release now available

July 10, 2013
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mocha AE v3.2 and mocha Pro v3.2 software is now available for all registered license owners. This new release provides much improved international character support and significant features.

v3.2 includes significant features and fixes:

  • Global character & keyboard support: Unicode-enabled, supporting project, footage, layer names and file paths in any language.
  • Fixes licensing deactivation issues related to OS X Mountain Lion.
  • Fixes tracking export issues with interlaced projects for AE and FCP.
  • Fixes in stabilized and inverted tracking export.
  • 3D Camera exporter now exports nulls with names and accuracy identifiers to both After Effects and FBX for Nuke, C4D & more.
  • Updated mocha 3D track import plug-in for After Effects. (v1.1)
  • Many more improvements in all areas of the software.

This release will work with existing mocha Pro v3.x and mocha AE 3.x licenses. Release is not supported without a valid, paid mocha v3.x license.

Please Note: Customers running the Adobe AE bundled mocha AE CS6 or mocha AE CC should
not upgrade. mocha AE CC is only updated through the Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you are running the Adobe bundled mocha AE CC, please be sure to read our FAQ for Adobe Creative Cloud users.

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