New: Choose Continuum Complete Filters by Category

February 20, 2013

Continuum Units

Each category of Boris Continuum Complete filters is now available as a separate Boris Continuum Unit, allowing you to choose toolsets that are geared towards your specific needs.

Boris Continuum Complete delivers the most comprehensive VFX plug-in suite ever created. Over 200 comprehensive filters across 16 categories of effects include 3D particles, image restoration tools such as Noise Reduction and Flicker Fixer, lens flares and lights, chroma keys and mattes, color correction tools, blurs, glows, and film effects. Each of these 16 categories of filters is now available as a Boris Continuum Unit that may be purchased separately for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Vegas Pro:

3D Objects ($299). Create and animate extruded text, extrude EPS logos, deform layers, and extrude spline shapes - all in real-time, with AE camera and lights integration.\

Art Looks ($199). Simulate pencil-sketched images, the wash look of a watercolor painting, a rotoscope toon-animation look, charcoal drawings, and more.

Blur and Sharpen ($199). Emulate a rack defocus effect, create in-camera motion blur effects, and achieve stylized depth-of-field looks.

Color and Tone ($299). Independently adjust the bright, mid, and dark regions of an image clip, make adjustments to a specific color in a scene, and much more.

Film Style ($299). Generate the warm organic look of film in seconds with customizable film glow, film grain, and film process looks.

Image Restoration ($299). Reduce noise, remove flicker, upscale SD to HD, repair bad pixels, smooth and soften skin imperfections, and remove unwanted foreground objects.

Key and Blend ($299). An award-winning suite of chroma key tools complete with spill suppression, matte choker, and light wrap.

Lights ($299). Produce stunning volumetric lighting effects and real-world lens flares.

Match Move ($199). Achieve fast and easy witness protection and billboard sign replacement effects.

Particles ($299). BCC particle effects give 3D broadcast designers the ultimate particle machine, providing powerful, flexible, and OpenGL-accelerated options. Create realistic explosions, rain, snow, and other organic matter with full 3D camera and lighting control.

Perspective ($199). Create smooth, professional Ken Burns-style animations, shatter video into 3D shards, and generate 3D shapes with image mapping.

Stylize ($199). Popular stylized VFX include LED, Damaged TV, Tile Mosaic, Prism, Scanline, Colorize Glow, and Emboss.

Textures ($199). Generate realistic textures such as Steel Plates, Clouds, Wooden Planks, and Rock. The procedurally-generated textures render smoothly at any scale.

Time ($199). Smoothly retime clips and easily achieve a variety of temporal effects.

Transitions ($199). Choose from a variety of wipes, transition effects, and presets and easily customize the effects using an on-screen, graph-curve user interface.

Warp ($199). Create animated morphs, bulges, ripples, and waves.

Own an older Continuum Unit? Upgrade and Get More Filters for just $49.95

Continuum Unit purchases can be credited towards a full Continuum Complete license purchase at any time.


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