Now Available: mocha Pro 5 with GPU Tracking and New Plug-in Options for Avid, Adobe and OFX

June 5, 2016
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New release of mocha Pro planar tracking and masking software delivers GPU acceleration and streamlined workflows for editing, visual effects, and post-production.

Guildford, UK – June 6, 2016 – Imagineer Systems launches Mocha Pro 5, a major new product release of the Academy-Award winning planar tracking, masking, object removal, and image stabilization software. Mocha Pro is the popular motion tracking and visual effects tool used on thousands of feature films and television shows, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road, Game of Thrones, and many more. The new Mocha Pro version 5 adds GPU-accelerated planar tracking for speed increases and the ability to run as a plug-in within host applications such as Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, After Effects® CC, and Avid Media Composer with OFX support for The Foundry’s NUKE and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve coming soon. mochaPro5_720_banner


Watch the mocha Pro 5 Quick Look Video 

“The Mocha Pro 5 release focuses on core improvements for speed and accessibility,” says Ross Shain, CMO of Boris FX and Imagineer Systems. “We’ve updated the mocha planar tracking algorithm to take advantage of OpenCL video processing. The resulting speed increases on high resolution and 4K projects have been tremendous.” Shain continues, “Mocha has long been recognized as an essential tool in the visual effects workflow; consequently Avid and Adobe editors have been asking for Mocha support for years. Imagineer engineers collaborated closely with the team at parent company Boris FX to develop mocha Pro into a plug-in. Now the plug-in option runs directly inside Media Composer, Premiere Pro, and After Effects without any import/export required. Feedback from the professional editing community has been super positive.”

“Boris FX has a long heritage of creating high-quality plugins for Avid Media Composer,” says Kate Ketcham, product manager, Avid. “Their collaboration with Imagineer Systems on a Mocha Pro AVX plug-in enables editors to access Mocha’s unique planar tracking and object removal features without leaving the timeline for faster, more efficient finishing workflows.”

New in mocha Pro 5:

  • New Plug-in Option for Adobe & Avid. Mocha Pro 5 is now available as a plug-in option for host editing and effects applications. This new capability adds unique tools for planar tracking, masking, and object removal tools and makes them fully accessible in Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, and The Foundry’s Nuke.
  • Open CL GPU tracking performance: Mocha planar tracking has been updated to take advantage of supported video card hardware for significantly faster motion tracking on high resolution sources.
  • Python Scripting Module: New improvements to Python scripting allow Mocha Pro 5 to integrate with asset management systems and background render systems for improved facility integration.
  • Improved online licensing mechanism allows users to easily activate/deactivate a license and run MochaPro on their computer of choice.
  • New export formats: Includes tracking and masking support for Blackmagic Fusion, Silhouette FX, and MochaBlend for Maxon Cinema 4D.
  • Improvements & bug fixes: including improved layouts, faster project saving, and more.
  • New pricing:With a list price of $695 and upgrades starting at $395, the mocha Pro 5 plug-in option is the most affordably priced release of mocha Pro to date.

Price List: (USD) mocha Pro 5 Plug-in Option:

  • Plug-in Option: Avid (Full) $695
  • Plug-in Option: Avid (Upgrade from mocha Pro 4) $395
  • Plug-in Option: Adobe (Full) $695
  • Plug-in Option: Adobe (Upgrade from mocha Pro 4) $395
  • Plug-in Option: OFX (Full) $695
  • Plug-in Option: OFX (Upgrade from mocha Pro 4) $395
  • Plug-in Option: Multi-Host (Avid, Adobe, OFX) (Full) $995
  • Plug-in Option: Multi-Host + Standalone Application (Upgrade from mocha Pro 4) $595

mocha Pro 5 Standalone Application Option:

    • Single, nodelocked license $1,495
    • Upgrade from mocha Pro 4 $495
  • Standalone + Multi-Host Plug-ins Option:
    • Single, nodelocked license$ 1,995
    • Upgrade from mocha Pro 4 $595

Annual Subscription Option:

    • 1 Year Subscription includes: Standalone Application + Multi-Host Plug-ins $595

Early beta testers are already giving Mocha Pro 5 glowing reviews. Yoram Tal, a colorist & online editor on hit TV shows such as ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and upcoming American Grit on FOX proclaims, “The Mocha Pro 5 plug-in is exactly what I have been asking for. As a finishing artist, I am tasked with difficult corrections and fixes, so the ability to run Mocha as an Avid Media Composer plug-in gives me a huge time-saving benefit. Also, the GPU planar tracker speed increase helps me get shots done quicker. Together, the new Mocha Pro plug-in and the recent incorporation of Mocha technology into Boris Continuum 10 plug-ins are probably the most significant effects tool advancements in recent Media Composer history.”


mocha Pro 5 plug-in option for Avid Media Composer

About Imagineer Systems UK based Imagineer Systems is the Academy Award-winning developer of Mocha: Planar Tracking based visual effects solutions for film and video post production. Imagineer has made its mark on major feature films including: Star Wars: Episode VII, The Hobbit, and the Harry Potter series. In 2015, Imagineer Systems was acquired by Boris FX, a leading developer of effects, titling, and workflow plug-ins for broadcast, post-production, and film professionals. Together the newly merged Boris FX / Imagineer Systems company group services millions of editing and visual effects professionals worldwide.


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