Mocha tutorial: Tracking rotation with the angle parameter

June 7, 2011
tags: Mocha, Blog

mocha tutorial: tracking rotation with angle parmeter on Vimeo.

This tutorial covers an often overlooked set of Search Area parameters in the track tab: Angle and Zoom.

All Search Area parameters are telling mocha to look within a range of zero to the set value.
So, just like we set a maximum search value for the Horizontal and Vertical areas of the footage (Automatic by default), we can also tell mocha to look to see if the area has rotated up to a certain range of rotation, or zoomed in/out quickly up to a certain percentage of scale.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.  If you’d like to see more bite-sized tutorials like this that focus on just ne aspect of the software, let us know.


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