mocha Pro v3 Product Review – by Andrew Devis for Creative Cow

August 13, 2012
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Certified Adobe Instructor, Andrew Devis recently wrote up an in-depth product review of mocha Pro v3 for Creative Cow. The following are excerpts from the article: “mocha Pro v3 – A Process of Guided Evolution”published on August 13, 2012.  

view the full article hereSO WHAT ABOUT MOCHA PRO V3?
“My guess is that many people are wondering, ‘should I buy or upgrade to mocha Pro v3‘? Of course, the answer to that question should really be defined by your work-flow and you VFX needs. That said, I think it is also worth having a closer look at the enhancements that Imagineer Systems have added to mocha Pro v3, which are aimed to make the product sit even more comfortably into your work-flow.

For me, v2 was an essential tool but always felt a little spiky to use — powerful, essential, and yet a little awkward. All that has changed in v3 because Imagineer Systems have gone out of their way to listen to their customers, which has resulted in a much more usable (maybe even comfortable?) product making it a tool you will want to reach for.

For me, even though there are some big ticket items like the ’3D Camera Solver’ which is a really quick and powerful way to solve cameras from you footage to add additional items into your scenes. It is the usability improvements that make this upgrade so significant and valuable. So rather than spending time talking about the excellent ’3D Camera Solver’ (a quick and simple solution for most shots) I want to go over the small changes that all add up to make one great big improvement.

By listening to their customers who use these tools on a daily basis Imagineer Systems have tried to identify where problems lie with previous releases of mocha Pro and what needs to be done to solve those problems.”


“With a complex and powerful application like mocha Pro v3, time and word count won’t allow sufficient space to tell in detail all that this product can offer a VFX artist.

So, is this version 3 a good update? In my opinion, this update is a major milestone for mocha Pro, making it a tool that VFX artists are going to instinctively reach for — not so much for the ‘major’ additions — which are excellent tools to have in the toolbox — but much more because of the so called ‘minor’ changes that have made mocha Pro so much more easy to work with, easy to organise, and easy to collaborate with.

Are there still some things that need sorting — of course! But, if Imagineer Systems continues listening to and respond to their customers in the way they have obviously been doing, mocha Pro will become one of those tools you simply can’t imaging being without.”

-Andrew Devis, Creative Cow     view the full article here


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