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May 2, 2013
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mocha Pro v3.1 Product Review by Russ Fairley

mocha Pro v3.1 takes what was already the industry standard in motion tracking software and pushes it another step further with new features. Used by an industry, from students to top-tier motion picture VFX artists, mocha Pro v3.1 is a highly proven tracking software offering.”


After sneezing, many of us reach for a Kleenex. If the mood strikes we might hop in a Jacuzzi, Google an answer, use Q-Tips to get out some gnarly earwax, go for a Jet-Ski or Xerox a document. Of course, we know that all of those are not a specific products, but rather, trademarked name brands that have become synonymous with their products. Just as Kleenex is known for tissues, Jacuzzi for hot tubs, and Google for Web searches, Imagineer Systems’ mocha Pro has become a name synonymous in the production world for being the go-to tool for motion tracking.

So what does a planar tracker do that a point tracker doesn’t? Well, instead of tracking a single point a planar tracker such as mocha Pro v3.1 will allow users to draw simple spline shapes onto footage to define surfaces – which are large areas of pixel data – that the tracker will follow, providing better tracking data for your composite. For instance, let’s say we would like to add some text to a building’s signage, and the footage is a dolly-in to the front of that building. They’ll need to track the camera move to make sure their text sticks to the building in a convincing way. We can define the entire surface of the building in mocha Pro by drawing a spline shape around the exterior shape of the wall and beginning a track. We may also add a spline to track the door or another surface in the shot to improve tracking results. This tracking data can then be used to composite the text onto the building. Similarly, you could track parts of a face to add a Mike Tyson-esque tattoo, or perhaps an electronic device like a phone or tablet if you were looking to replace the screen contents. The possibilities are limited only by imagination … or project scope.

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