mocha Pro event coverage in Chennai, India

March 1, 2011
tags: Mocha, News

The last day of February was a turning point for the Visual effects industry in South India. In a bleak amiable atmosphere was the lecture hall in Hotel Green park when technicians from most of the high ranked Post production companies stepped in. The presentation which awaited was first of its kind in India. It was the Launch of mocha Pro in the country by Imagnieer Systems and Sniper Systems followed by a professional seminar on its usage.


Presenting the Seminar was Mr. Martin Brennand, Senior Product Specialist of Imagineer System, which works on post production for Movies all around the world. Mr. Brennand has been with the Hollywood Visual effects industry for 10 years and has significant experience in both creative and technical sides of software development. He has played a key role in supporting worldwide customers creating documentation and is well known for his comprehensive tutorial videos. There was a good gathering of enthusiastic crowd who had their eyes fixed on the screen where Mr. Brennand was unfolding the magic behind Mocha pro. He explained how planar tracking was a cakewalk with Mocha Pro. When the presentation was over the audience had their queries answered by Mr. Brennand.


Following that was a small presentation by Mr. Vel Murugan, head of Sniper Systems who unveiled the upcoming launch of Authorized Training Centers for Mocha pro with an international syllabus and certification. He mentioned that there will be special training program for Faculty and there will be many benefits for training institutes authorized by them. NVidia played a significant role in the organizing of the event and there were a few show reels showcased to demonstrate its new Quadro Cuda Graphics Processor which is the talk of the Hollywood VFX industry today.



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