mocha Pro at SIGGRAPH Asia 2011

December 5, 2011
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SIGGRAPH Asia 2011: Booth #C05

Imagineer Systems today announced it will showcase its newest versions of Mocha™, Mocha Pro™ and Mocha AE™ during SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 next week. SIGGRAPH Asia offers attendees an opportunity to see first-hand Imagineer’s newest planar tracking, roto and removal tool that dramatically reduces the manual labor associated with visual effects and stereo conversion projects.

Responding to the steady increase in demand for efficient, integrated stereo conversion pipeline tools throughout Asia, Imagineer Systems’ product specialist, Martin Brennand will provide attendees demonstrations of Mocha, and will highlight basics of operating mocha. Additionally, Imagineer will showcase advanced tracking and rotoscoping techniques – including Mocha’s seamless export to Nuke workflow – key to the stereo conversion pipeline.

Identity FX, Inc. is a full-service Visual Effects and Stereoscopic 3D facility located in Los Angeles and has more than one-hundred visual effects and stereoscopic credits to its name, and counts all of the major US Studios and several television networks as clients. This summer, Identity FX completed a significant amount of 3D conversion work on Conan The Barbarian 3D. Seth Martin, roto and VFX supervisor for Identity FX had this to say about Mocha Proand the role it plays in their pipeline:

“On Conan the Barbarian we were converting over 400 shots to 3D. Each shot required extensive and precise rotoscoping which is normally a difficult and time consuming task to accomplish with most compositing software.Mocha gave us the ability to produce shots quickly and efficiently with accurate results. The Planar Trackingtechnology makes even the most difficult to track shots a cakewalk. mocha also blended beautifully into our stereo conversion pipeline by allowing easy exporting and integration options to Nuke, After Effects, and other software without long render times. For those of us who depend on accurate roto and tracking quickly and efficiently, Mocha has been a dream come true.”

Steve Wright, Telly Award-winning master trainer, and presenter of ‘mocha Essential Training’ on, has been working closely with Imagineer Systems developing in depth training and tutorials for Mocha. He added:

“After 20 years of VFX production doing roto by hand, I was blown away by Mocha and its planar tracker that has revolutionized the roto process. Each roto shape ‘rides on the back’ of an amazingly effective planar tracker which gives the shape an initial smooth and accurate motion. The roto artist just has to refine the shape’s control points here and there. Exporting either tracking data or the roto shapes themselves to Nuke is a snap. Mocha is a major improvement in both productivity and quality for all my Nuke compositing.”

Mocha and mocha Pro have gained recent notoriety as a result of the significant impact the planar tracker has made in the production of the Oscar-winning sensation, The Black Swan, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2, and this summer’s comedy hit, Friends with Benefits. Additionally, Mocha Pro has proven invaluable to customers at major post production and stereo conversion facilities around the world, and has greatly streamlined the stereo conversion pipelines on such 3D blockbuster sensations as The Green Lantern, Transformers 3D, and The Chronicles of Narnia; Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Mocha Pro: the evolution of planar tracking
Leveraging more than 10 years of engineering research and development, mocha Pro delivers the Planar Tracker™ and rotoscoping tools from its award winning mocha, and adds compositing tools for match moving, auto image and wire removal, clean plate generation, lens distortion correction and stabilization, to deliver an all-in-one master VFX tool set.  Built on Imagineer Systems’ award-winning 2.5D planar tracking technology, and integrated with its signature insertion and placement, removal and stabilization tools, Mocha Pro offers digital media artists a powerful, intuitive and innovative planar tracking-based solution with a streamlined interface, accelerated workflow and the power to easily manipulate and track shots not possible with traditional solutions.

About Imagineer Systems 
Imagineer Systems Ltd innovates and markets next-generation visual effects solutions for film, video and broadcast post production markets.  Imagineer Systems has made its mark on such marquee Hollywood blockbuster productions as Black Swan, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, Shutter Island, Invictus, G-Force and the Harry Potter series. Imagineer’s desktop product line consists of Mocha Pro™ – roto, planar tracking, compositing, and removal utility;  Mocha™ – planar tracking and roto utility for all VFX artists; Mocha AE™ – a planar tracking and roto utility designed for After Effects and Final Cut Pro users.  Imagineer Systems was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is located in Guildford, United Kingdom.


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