Limited Time: Get 400+ Avid FX / Boris RED Transitions, Lower Thirds, and Title Animations for $99.95

December 13, 2012

Dramatically expand your effects arsenal! Eye Scream Factory’s presets for Avid FX v6 save you time and money, enhancing your effects library browser options with hundreds of completely customizable designer transitions, lower thirds, and animated titles. This limited-time bundle gives you 432 presets for just $99.95:

432 Avid FX Transitions, Lower Thirds, and Title Animations for $99.95

The bundle includes:

207 Designer Transitions
Double your Avid FX transition options! This collection of Eye Scream Factory presets features 207 designer transition effects ranging from extruded shatters, lens flares, lens blurs, caustics, and volumetric rays to organic wipes and waves. The customizable, cross-platform transition effects can be applied at any duration.

100 Designer Text Templates
100 Designer Text Templates contains unique animated text presets that are easily applied and customized with Avid FX. The presets include a huge variety of text effects from the practical to inspired, including 3D effects and filtered text. The presets can be applied over your video with a few simple clicks - at any duration. Quickly apply text styling to a multitude of titles with drag and drop ease, making elaborate title and credit sequences a snap.

125 Lower Thirds
125 Lower Thirds is a must-have for any Avid editor who needs quick access to an arsenal of practical lower thirds. Each lower third template can be applied at any duration. Some of the lower thirds animate on and off or have an animating appearance while others are completely static. 125 Lower Thirds contains a wide variety of lower thirds: some are very simple while others are eye-catching. There is one for every project!
This amazing bundle is only available for a limited time, so get it now:

432 Avid FX Transitions, Lower Thirds, and Title Animations for $99.95


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