Imagineer Systems Releases mocha v3 at NAB 2012

April 15, 2012
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Imagineer Systems Releases mocha v3 at NAB 2012


mocha Pro v3 and mocha AE v3 Deliver New Roto Tools, Layer Management and Powerful 3D Camera Solver Features for After Effects and Nuke; Imagineer Simplifies Product Offerings and Pricing

GUILDFORD, UK (April 16, 2012) – Imagineer Systems today announced the immediate availability of its newest versions of mocha Pro™ and mocha AE™, and will debut them at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas this week. As part of this launch, Imagineer has also streamlined its product family and simplified its upgrade pricing strategy to ensure Imagineer’s intelligent Planar Tracking utilities are that much more accessible for post production and VFX professionals.

mocha v3 has undergone extensive beta testing among Imagineer’s community of post production and VFX professionals and they are weighing in on the milestones in this newest version.

Ben Brownlee of Curious Turtle is a long-time mocha Pro user, and is a respected visual effects professor with “From a user’s point of view, I think that this release of mocha is a huge leap forward.  The improvements to the rotoscoping toolset, coupled with the core strength of the planar tracker, creates such large time savings when dealing with larger roto jobs.  The new grouping and transformation controls mean I can now adjust my complex, 20-layer shapes with a single click. This means fewer keyframes, better accuracy and much quicker turnaround times.”

“The flexibility of the data you can get out of mocha has always been its strength.  Whether you want rock solid tracking data, fast and accurate rotospline shapes or now even 3D camera tracking, there is a place for it in your pipeline.   In my working day, I have to use a range of software to finish the task at hand.  mocha Pro v3 is the Swiss Army knife that I keep reaching for.”

David Scott of stereoscopic 3D film studio Identity FX added, “mocha v3 is a milestone in rotoscoping and tracking software. At Identity FX, we have used mocha consistently on major studio films and commercials over the past several years, including our latest project for Nike. The new roto tools such as the Transform Tool helps us edit roto quickly and easily, and the new layering and grouping tools are the perfect addition to our existing precomp workflow. In the 2D to 3D conversion environment, trackers are a necessity and for years we have been using mocha‘s amazing Planar Tracker to accomplish normally impossible tracking shots. Additionally, now thatmocha includes 3D Camera Solve in its application, we are excited to continue using this amazing tool as part of our 3D pipeline. mocha v3 also includes the same familiar design and layout from mocha v2 making it virtually seamless for artists transitioning to the new version.”

Robert Matichak, a forum leader at Pixel Corps had this to say about the new features in mocha v3: “That was just too easy! I had recently purchased a 3D Tracking software application, but was not able to achieve what I was able to do using mocha in only two minutes! mocha v3 will be a game changer for sure! Great stuff!”

“In the visual effects industry, the word convenience is sparsely used amongst its brethren,” said Chris Maynard, President of cmiVFX. “Everyone in the biz wants to quickly get to the most rewarding parts of their jobs that reflect the creative process, but almost always have to jump through technical hoops that are notoriously time consuming and mind numbing. mocha Pro allows you to take care of all of those annoying tasks with ease. Now that mocha Pro v3 can export 3D camera data from existing Planar Tracks and roto, it almost removes an entire consultants wages from the final project expense.  Multiply that by how many shots your working on, and it’s no wonder that mocha Pro will be the most valuable asset in the post production pipeline.”

What’s New in Version 3

Imagineer Systems has worked closely with its customers to improve its family of intelligent Planar Tracking utilities.  All mocha v3 products have been updated to add new features and improve core areas for customers: from large facilities that require advanced layer management tools for film effects and roto pipelines, to creative boutiques and artists who’ve been asking for true 3D camera support for years. Among the new developments in v3 are:

  • New Rotoscoping Tools: Transform Tool and Join Layers designed to create and edit roto masks more efficiently;
  • New Layer Management: View, organize, color code and group mocha layers. Increase artists productivity;
  • Project Management: Easily merge and share projects between artists for large scale roto and vfx pipelines;
  • 3D Camera Solver: The advanced Planar Tracker now includes 3D Camera Solver for After Effects and FBX formats (Nuke, Maya, Cinema 4D and more);
  • Dopesheet: New keyframe layout for adjusting timing and animation;
  • Even More Improvements: Keyboard shortcuts and interface improvements enhance the entire Planar Tracking-based workflow for tracking, roto, removal and more.

To see a video highlighting new mocha Pro and mocha AE version 3 features, check out:

To see a video overview of the new 3D Camera Solve Module, check out:

The 2012 mocha Product Family

mocha AE is Imagineer’s stand-alone Planar Tracking and roto utility optimized for After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion users. The advanced mask creation tools, simple user interface and copy/paste exchange with After Effects helps take the complications out of motion tracking and reduces keyframing tedium.

mocha AE is available in two version: mocha AE CS6, which comes as a free bundle with every copy of the newly launched Adobe After Effects CS6 and is specifically optimized for After Effects; and the mocha AE v3 standalone application, which adds new Camera Solve features and additional support for Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion and Boris FX and is available for purchase directly from Imagineer Systems. mocha AE v3 also is backward compatible with older version of Adobe’s Creative Suite.

mocha Pro v3 is Imagineer’s intelligent Planar Tracking utility for post production and visual effects professionals that combines advanced roto, motion tracking, lens analysis, object removal, insert compositing, stabilization and 3D camera solve features into a single desktop application. mocha Pro integrates seamlessly with industry-popular editing, compositing, and animation applications and is the ideal post production companion software for managing challenging shots and projects.

mocha Pro has gained notoriety as a result of the significant impact the Planar Tracker has made in the production of the Hollywood visual effects laden films such as The Black Swan, X-Men: First Class, and Captain America: The First Avenger.  Additionally, mocha Pro has proven invaluable to customers at major post production and stereo conversion facilities around the world, and has greatly streamlined the stereo conversion pipelines on such 3D blockbuster sensations as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

mocha v3 Pricing and Availability 

The new mocha v3 family is available immediately and is priced as follows:

mocha Pro v3: $1,495.00 USD

Upgrade Pricing:

mocha Pro v3 Upgrade from Adobe CS4-CS6: $795.00 USD

mocha Pro v3 Upgrade from mocha AE v2.5: $695.00 USD

mocha Pro v3 Upgrade from mocha v2.5: $595.00 USD

mocha Pro v3 Upgrade from mocha Pro v2.5: $495.00 USD


mocha AE v3: $295.00 USD

Upgrade Pricing:

mocha AE v3 Upgrade from any mocha AE (bundled with After Effects): $195.00 USD


About Imagineer Systems 

Imagineer Systems Ltd innovates and markets next-generation visual effects solutions for film, video and broadcast post production markets.  Imagineer Systems has made its mark on such marquee Hollywood blockbuster productions as Black Swan, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, Shutter Island, Invictus, and the Harry Potter series. Imagineer’s desktop product line consists of mocha Pro™ - roto, planar tracking, compositing, and removal utility; mocha AE™ - a planar tracking and roto utility designed for After Effects and Final Cut Pro users.  Imagineer Systems was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is located in Guildford, United Kingdom. For more information visit


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