Imagineer Systems Partners with VFX Industry Veteran and Renown Nuke, Shake Expert to Develop Comprehensive Tutorial Series for mocha

October 11, 2010
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Master Trainer Steve Wright to Develop Series of In-Depth, Practical, Workflow Themed mocha Tutorials; Teaching Tips and Techniques for Mastering Planar Tracking, Roto with mocha GUILDFORD, UK (September 1st, 2010)Imagineer Systemstoday announced it has partnered with VFX industry veteran and Telly Award winning master trainer, Steve Wright, to develop a series of in-depth, workflow themed tutorials designed to provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of the techniques to master planar tracking and rotoscoping withmocha. The first tutorial in the series is available today online atwww.imagineersystems.comand focuses in great detail on defining, and explaining the basic concepts, capabilities and possibilities enabled by planar tracking, Imagineer’s signature technological achievement. “We’ve always known that, to truly impress upon our customers and prospects the impact of planar tracking andmocha, is to show them. While we’ve been able to successfully demonstrate the features ofmochathrough videos and tutorials, we have identified the need to have a clear and consistent training resource,” said Ross Shain, chief marketing officer of Imagineer Systems. “Partnering with Steve Wright will enable us to educate our customers in a way that immerses them in real-world workflow challenges, and lets them experiencemochathrough the eyes of a world-renown master trainer. This partnership is a significant win for our customers.” “As a result of my strategic relationship with Imagineer Systems, I will be working closely with the team to develop the kind of tools that will help tell the story, and explain the intricacies ofmochafor the benefit of their customers and potential buyers.,” added Steve Wright. “Imagineer Systems decided that they wanted the highest quality video tutorials for their customers, so I am honored that they selected me to produce them.” Well known in the industry as an expert compositor and master trainer for Nuke and Shake, Steve has spent the past several months working withmochain several workflow scenarios to ensure he captures the full scope and depth ofmocha’s capabilities, including seamless export to Nuke, howmochasupports multi-layer film resolution projects, as well andmocha’s role in 2D-to-3D conversion workflow, increasingly in demand in Hollywood, India, and other 3D conversion hot-spots. On that topic, Steve continued: “I teach Nuke compositing for stereo 3D conversion and have recently seen an explosion in the use ofmochafor 3D conversion. The 3D conversion process is extremely labor intensive, and 80% of that is roto. As a result, the productivity gains frommochaare critical to the conversion business model.” About Steve Wright Steve Wright is a Senior Compositor, 2D Technical Director and a senior industry veteran in visual effects compositing with over 20 years of production experience. He has over 70 film credits such as "Night at the Museum 2", "Shutter Island", "Solaris", "Traffic", "U-571", "Air Force One", "Hart's War" and many, many more and has also created the visual effects for 70 broadcast television commercials. Steve is now a master trainer traveling around the world conducting VFX compositing training for major visual effects studios using Nuke and Shake, and has won two ‘Telly Awards’ for his Nuke tutorials. He also produces training programs and conducts classes and workshops both on-line and location based. He has published two books on this fascinating subject (available on and his Nuke and Shake training videos are available on He is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and the Digital Cinema Society (DCS). For more information please visit Steve Wright'straining site About Imagineer Systems Imagineer Systems is the award winning creator of planar tracking technology, an industry-unique tracking innovation optimized for compositing and rotoscoping. Withmonet,mokeyand themochafamily of desktop VFX software solutions, Imagineer delivers affordable and practical VFX tools for independent digital artists, while also offering sophisticated compositing, roto and tracking capabilities ideal for boutique agencies, facilities and major Hollywood studios. For more information


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