Imagineer Systems launches new products: mocha Pro, mocha v2.5 & mocha AE v2.5!

November 10, 2010
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mocha Pro represents evolution of mokey, monet, combined with Planar Tracking Innovations of mocha into all-in-one master VFX tool set; company unveils streamlined product line

GUILDFORD, UK (November 15, 2010) — Imagineer Systems ( today announced the immediate availability of its newest 64-bit VFX software, mocha Pro.  Leveraging more than 8 years of engineering research and development, mocha Pro delivers all the planar tracking and rotoscoping tools from its award winning mocha, adds compositing tools for match moving, auto image and wire removal, clean plate generation, lens distortion correction and stabilization, to deliver an all-in-one master VFX tool set.

Imagineer Systems also announced today it has made significant enhancements and added capabilities to mocha for After Effects, the Company’s stand alone tracking and roto tool for the After Effects community.  Now re-named mocha AE, this award-winning VFX tool now extends its support to both the After Effects and Final Cut Pro communities.  With this development, mocha AE now help solve problematic shots that challenge the built in tools of After Effects and Final Cut by bringing advanced planar tracking and matte creation tools in a simple, easy to learn interface.  While Adobe After Effects CS4 and CS5 continue to ship with free copies of mocha for After Effects, these customers are offered a streamlined upgrade path to the new mocha AE v2.5.

“The release of mocha Pro in many ways marks a new beginning for Imagineer Systems,” said John-Paul Smith, chief executive officer of Imagineer Systems.  “We’ve often talked about streamlining and simplifying workflows for our customers; today, we’re announcing how we’ve streamlined and simplified our product offerings as well.  Deciding on which Imagineer Systems tool set is best for you should be as simple as using the tools themselves.  And we’ve made that a reality with a new web site, new training videos and a simplified product lineup that now includes mocha Pro, mocha and mocha AE.  It’s that simple.”

mocha Pro has been in beta test leading up to its release, and Imagineer Systems reached out to the VFX community to help run it through its paces.  Here are some of their reactions to mocha Pro:

“We are long time fans of Imagineer’s mokey, monet and motor and over the years our VFX artists have relied heavily on all of them.  The integration with all of our systems has been seamless, while the trackers, removal and compositing tools are incredibly impressive.  Now with mocha Pro, having all the tools combined in one application will enhance our capabilities in all areas for our clients, and greatly simplify the workflow for our artists.”
Jeff Fleck, Senior Editor, Postique

“I’ve been beta testing mocha Pro on some projects, and I have to say I’m loving it!  To have the best of all worlds, tracking, object removal with stabilization and all within a new interface – it must be my birthday or something!  I would love to buy mocha Pro – no more copying over two programs for the film business stuff!”
Vincent MacTiernan, Extreme Digital Productions

“mocha Pro is amazing!  I’ve been working on a project that requires miniaturizing objects in a scene, but the footage had to be stabilized first.  The original footage was so bad, it looked like it was shot on a ship in a storm in the North Sea.  The scale rotation and position of objects kept moving and there was barely anything in the scene to track apart from a partially obscured table.  I couldn’t believe it, but mocha Pro have a solid track with only 90% of the pixels available – mocha Pro followed the track nice and tightly – what an improvement!”
Phil Colfer, VFX Artist

VFX Workflow Evolution: mocha Pro

Built on Imagineer Systems’ award-winning 2.5D planar tracking technology, and integrated with its signature insertion and placement, removal and stabilization tools, mocha Pro is designed to complement any editing, compositing and finishing environment.  mocha Pro offers digital media artists a powerful, intuitive and innovative planar tracking-based solution with a streamlined interface, accelerated workflow and the power to easily manipulate and track shots not possible with traditional solutions.

By taking the best and most widely used features of mokey and monet, and combining them with the Company’s signature planar tracking technology, Imagineer Systems is delivering a world class VFX tool that greatly increases artist productivity, making it the ideal VFX complement for commercial and feature film post production, 2D-3D conversion projects, broadcast design and boutique agencies.

mocha Pro adds powerful and highly sought-after removal and compositing tools originally found in Imagineer Systems’ legacy mokey and monet tools, such as:

  • Object removal and patching
  • Lens correction
  • Offset & 3D offset tracking
  • Insert composite module
  • Mesh warper for custom insert distortions and deformations
  • Stabilization

mocha Pro also delivers a number of new features, including:

  • Improved and streamlined user interface;
  • A fast, powerful 64-bit architecture
  • New, OpenEXR support ideal for the film community
  • Free bundled mocha shape plug-ins for Final Cut and After Effects roto import
  • Easy, streamlined upgrade path from all current Imagineer Systems solutions

mocha Pro is available immediately and is priced as follows:

mocha Pro node-locked license: $1,495 US
Cross-platform floating license: $1,695 US

Imagineer Systems has also simplified the upgrade path for existing customers.  Users can upgrade from any existing Imagineer Systems product:
Any Imagineer Systems node-locked product: $895 US
Cross-platform floating license: $1,095 US

For more information, please visit

mocha AE v2.5 Adds Support for Final Cut Pro

As part of its efforts to streamline and simplify its product offerings, Imagineer Systems also today unveiled mocha AE.  mocha AE, a stand alone tracking and roto tool now updated to support both After Effects and Final Cut users, helps After Effects and Final Cut users by bringing advanced planar tracking and matte creation tools in a simple, easy to learn interface.  Accurate roto masks can quickly be created with variable per-point edge feathering in record time. Included mocha shape plug-ins allow users to import roto shapes directly to an After Effects layer or Final Cut timeline. mocha AE generates corner pin, scale and transform tracking data as keyframes for the most accurate screen inserts and match moves.

Available immediately, the new version, mocha AE v2.5 features:

  • Planar tracking & rotoscoping
  • 64 bit optimized
  • New improved interface
  • OpenEXR support
  • The ability to paste roto data directly to AE CS5 mask channel
  • NEW! Final Cut Pro track and roto support
  • Ships with free mocha shape plug-ins for Final Cut & After Effects
  • Runs on Mac & Windows

Adobe CS4 and CS5 customers who wish to upgrade to mocha AE v2.5 can visit for more information.  Additionally with this new development, mocha for Final Cut will no longer be sold as a stand-alone product as all of its functionality are now included in mocha AE.

mocha AE v2.5 is also available immediately and is priced at $249.00 US and as a $99.00 US upgrade for Adobe CS4 & CS5 customers.

mocha Shape plug ins for After Effects and Final Cut Pro are now included free of charge with all new mocha products, including mocha Pro, mocha and mocha AE.

About Imagineer Systems 
Imagineer Systems Ltd innovates and markets next-generation visual effects solutions for film, video and broadcast post production markets.  Imagineer Systems has made its mark on such marquee Hollywood blockbuster productions as Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, Shutter Island, Invictus, G-Force and the Harry Potter series. Imagineer’s desktop product line consists of mocha Pro – roto, planar tracking, compositing, and removal utility;  mocha – planar tracking and roto utility for all VFX artists; mocha AE – a planar tracking and roto utility designed for After Effects and Final Cut Pro users.  Imagineer Systems was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is located in Guildford, United Kingdom.  For more information visit


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