Imagineer Systems Launches mocha Track for Quantel

October 11, 2010
tags: mocha Pro, News

Free mocha Plug In Specifically Designed for Quantel Users; Enables Instant Track Data Import from mocha, monet, mokey GUILDFORD, UK (October 7, 2010)Imagineer Systemstoday announcedmocha Track for Quantel, a free plug in specifically designed for Quantel generationQ V.4.2 systems that enables users to instantly and easily import planar tracking data from Imagineer Systems’mocha,monetandmokeyfamily of VFX tools.mocha Track for Quantelwill also support the newly announced, 64-bit master VFX tool set,mocha Pro, which will be available later this month. Highly anticipated by the Quantel user community,mocha Track for Quantelsolves key workflow integration issues for those users wanting to leverage the power and ease of use of Imagineer Systems’ Planar Tracking technology with Quantel’s high-peformance content creation systems for broadcast, post and DI. “mochahas earned a great reputation in the industry as a powerful, must-have planar tracking utility, and Quantel users have increasingly been asking for more integration,” said Steve Owen, director of marketing for Quantel. “We believe our customers will be delighted that, not only is Imagineer delivering a planar tracking import solution for the entire Quantel generationQ family of systems, but it’s also free! This is a big win for our customers.” Corey Stewart, chief engineer at PostWorks, a New York City-based full service post production facility, has been testingmocha Track for Quantel. Here’s what Corey had to say: “We’ve come to rely on the precision and speed of Imagineer’s planar tracking technology in much of our day to day work.As a full service post house with multiple effects and compositing platforms, it’s important that all of our tools talk to each other. Increasingly, we’ve been relying heavily on Imagineer's planar tracking data to assist difficult shots in our Pablo and iQ systems. It is great that Imagineer now supports v4.2 and is deliveringmocha Track for Quantelabsolutely free!” mocha Track for Quantelis available immediately as free download. For more information, or to download the application, please visit About Imagineer Systems Imagineer Systems is the award winning creator of planar tracking technology, an industry-unique tracking innovation optimized for compositing and rotoscoping. Withmonet,mokeyand themochafamily of desktop VFX software solutions, Imagineer delivers affordable and practical VFX tools for independent digital artists, while also offering sophisticated compositing, roto and tracking capabilities ideal for boutique agencies, facilities and major Hollywood studios. For more information


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